1 Lesson I Learned From My Mother

I would love to share this with my Empower Network team because it is the proof that miracles do happen if you are determined and persistent. You really do have to do whatever it takes to live your dream. I lived my dream for almost 4 years and I am still living it in my mind.
After searching for 40 years I found my mother 3 days before her hundredth birthday. She was an incredibly awesome person who could not have been dreamed up in anyone’s wildest imagination. She was an artist and a free spirit and she lived until she was almost 104 years old.
I was so fortunate to be able to spend the last year of her life living with her in her home in Dublin.
She was a highly intelligent woman whose main ambition – yes she still had ambitions at 103 years young – was to be more famous than Einstein. I learnt many lessons from her in that short time – lessons which changed my life and my mindset in many ways. Here are some of them


  1. Treat Your Body Like An Engine. This was a lady who walked her talk – when I first met her she had just walked up and down her garden 10 times and taken 200 deep breaths – this was her daily routine.
    Her next door neighbour told me that in her eighties she was riding her exercise bicycle and skipping in the back garden on a daily basis. The first gift that she gave me was her exercise bike. The second one was a Christmas card in which she wrote “to my darling daughter”. I was deeply touched as this was the first Christmas card I had ever received from my mother. I came back down to earth when I saw the back of the card where she had written “Don’t forget to lose the fat”
    When she was 102 years old she had an appointment for a check up at the local hospital. I went with her and the doctor asked what medication or pills she was taking and I told her – none. The doctor was flabbergasted to hear that my dear mother didn’t even take an aspirin.

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