5 Ways To Get More Blog Juice

There are thousands of blogs out there that have been posted once and shared on very few platforms -seems like a wasted resource to me. That’s why I have created this short list to start your brainstorming session on how you could get a lot more juice out of your blogs.

  1. 5 Things You Could Do With Your Blog

    Here are 7 ideas to get you started:

    1 Turn your blog into a vlog by embedding a video to increase engagement

    2 Read your blog-posts aloud and use them as the introduction to a podcast

    3 Take a few blogs in the same category and make them into a PDF
    report which you can use as a giveaway for your lead magnet

    4 Divide your blog into sections and use them as tweets or short posts for social media sites

    5 If you have a lot of blogs on the same topic turn them into a free ebook or a paid one

  2. Repurpose Your Old Blogs

    Check out your old blogs – choose the evergreen ones and read them over, update them and check the CTAs or change them if you are promoting new stuff – don’t edit the date but you can include date of update on generate press premium!
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