2 Cool Tools For Infographic Creators

Images increase traffic and infographics which are blurred increase curiosity. You can get infographics created for you on fiverr but if you are in a hurry to complete a post you can create your own with these free tools.
  1. infogr.am

    There is a tutorial which shows you how to create your own customised infographics. You can move objects around, change the theme, choose the size. You can publish it and share it on your social networks. You cannot download your infographic unless you are a pro member.

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  2. Easel.ly

    This tool is easy to use,has a fast signup and allows you to get started right away with lots of free infographics which you can customize and save a jpeg files. Unlike the first tool you can download these infographics with the free version of the tool.

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    tool image

These infographics are ideal to use on your blogs to increase traffic. Another way to increase traffic is to have your blog posted on an authority site such as this one

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