2 Enjoyable Positivity Quotes

This morning I noticed the first daffodils and crocuses in my garden. A couple of dsys ago my two Jack Russells were “sunbathing”. The sunshine didn’t last for long but it was enough to inject that joyful feeling that first signs of Spring can bring. That alls right with the world feeling spills over on to everything including my blogs hopefully.
  1. Spring is nature’s way of saying Lets Party.
    Robin William
    I think that’s the universal feeling that we all get when spring finally arrives
  2. If You Ever Dream of Beating Me Up
    You’d Better Wake up and Apologize
    Muhammid Ali
    I just love his sense of humoiur. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the grind and remember that there’s a time for fun too.
If you would like the freedom to enjoy spring and the rest of the year free from the limitations of having a J.O.B. then this is something that may helpyou to get to that place.

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