2 Enlightening Books About Wealth

The middle classes work for money but the rich make money work for them. There are many highly educated people who are clueless about how to build wealth and gain financial freedom.
Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump have done much to enlighten as many people as possible about these subjects.Robert Kiyosaki explains in this book how his 8 new rules of money can enable people to build wealth even during times of recession. He encourages his readers to invest in their financial education.
Rich Dad’s Conspiracy Of The Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki got together and wrote this book about how they managed to create their fortunes. They went from near bankruptcy and bankruptcy to massive success. In this book they describe how they used “The Midas Touch” to create wealth beyond most people’s wildest dreams

Midas Touch

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki were masters who grabbed opportunities without hesitation. There is the chance for you to do the same if you want to create financial freedom for yourself and your family.

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