2 Entrepreneurial Books About Turning Passion Into Profit

Both of these books have the potential to turn your life around if you implement the advice within them. The first book is my latest purchase and the second one is one of those books that I have read once and more or less forgotten about. I am very excited about both books and would strongly recommend that you read them at least twice.
  1. How To Make Big Money From Who You Are And What You Know

    Andy Harrington is the Founder of The Professional Speaker’s Academy. His journey to success began when he saw a TV commercial about a Tony Robbins event and he took the opportunity to engage with Tony for 5 minutes and this really did “awaken the giant within” him. By the way the book “Awaken The Giant Within” changed my life and my attitude to everything when I read it for the first time – whenever it was published.
  2. Andy gives you a step by step plan to use the knowledge that you already have to change the lives of others by either shortening their learning curve or solving their biggest challenges and make a lot of money in the process.
    Andy Harrington is the expert’s expert so I urge you not to read his book and gain from his experience and insight on the journey to entrepreneurship.
  3. The One Minute Entrepreneur

    This is a wonderful little book with an awesome  story.  The focus is on 3 keys and  20 essentials of successful entrepreneurship.

    You will find many nuggets throughout the book e.g.”The Way To Create Eagles Is To Treat Your People As Partners So They Feel Empowered To Act Like They Own The Place”.

    You can get a free assessment of your entrepreneurial attributes here 

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When you have read these two books and decided that you want to learn how to start up a real legitimate online business and you are not afraid to work check out my no 1 recommendation# below.

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