Live Streaming Webinars and Apps

This is EPIC!!! It’s is a world first livestream webinar.  You can get it now and take advantage of the special offer to be grandfathered in during the launch.  I would hate to see you missing out on this – so just click this link and check it out before the launch end when the price doubles.
Periscope is an amazing app with endless possibilities for marketers and all types of online and offline businesses. Although it is integrated with Twitter, less than 2% of Tweeters have joined so far – madness!
  1. Periscope

    I do not exaggerate when I say that the opportunity to engage with both your followers and gain new followers on a daily basis is tremendous. The instant engagement allows you to get instant answers to the questions you need to ask to find out what your target audience really want. Your scopes stay up for 24 hours but you can save them to your camera roll and share them on all your social media sites

    Click Here to Learn More About Periscope

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  2. Meerkat

    Meerkat allows you to schedule broadcasts for a later date if no one you follow is currently viewing. it also tweets a link to your video as soon as you start a broadcast.
    Periscope lists everyone you are followingClick Here to Learn More About Meerkat
Both these apps can be used to promote your business and combined with the excellent training and promotional aspects of the opportunity below, the path to success is only A FEW CLICKS AWAY.

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