2 Perceptive Being Pleasant Quotes

You don’t have to be unpleasant to be a leader or to be successful in life.
Being pleasant doesn’t cost much and it can gain you lots of friends and followers.
  1. Be Pleasant Until 10 o’clock In The Morning And The Rest Of The Day Will Take Care Of Itself
    Elbert Hubbard
    I think it’s true -do you agree? Just Do It and see if it is or not.
  2. Take Things By The Smooth Handle
    Robert Walpole
    It certainly worked for Robert Walpole who was the longest serving Prime Minister in British history (21 years). His leadership in Parliament reflected his “reasonable and persuasive oratory, his ability to move both the emotions as well as the minds of men, and, above all, his extraordinary self-confidence. Walpole’s policies sought moderation: he worked for peace, lower taxes, growing exports, and allowed a little more tolerance for Protestant Dissenters. He avoided controversy and high-intensity disputes, as his middle way attracted moderates from both the Whig and Tory camps.
    Walpole was one of the greatest politicians in British history. He played a significant role in sustaining the Whig party, safeguarding the Hanoverian succession, and defending the principles of the Glorious Revolution (1688)….He established a stable political supremacy for the Whig party and taught succeeding ministers how best to establish an effective working relationship between Crown and Parliament.
    Taking hold of things by the smooth handle has always been my motto since I learnt this quote at school. I have found it to work for me, so I highly recommend doing it.
“When you find an opportunity that really works there is no need to promote it aggressively. The cream always come to the top so it’s just a matter of showing how it works to as many people as possible and the rest will fall into place” Do you agree with this statement or not?

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