2 Rich Retirement Quotes

There’s been a lot of publicity about the problems caused by the ageing population. So many”# baby boomers” are retiring or have already retired.
Many of them are on much lower retirement income than they expected. Retirement benefits and investment property prices crashed leaving pensioners with a serious shortfall in their retirement income.
But….it’s not all doom and gloom any more. Thanks to the internet, there are many new possibilities and opportunities even for boomers who don’t know the first thing about blogging or making money online.
  1. The question isn’t – at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income
    George Foremen
    That has now become the million dollar question for this ageing society.
  2. Don’t Simply Retire From Something
    Have Something to retire to
    Henry Emerson Fosdick
    Good advice but not enough people have taken it on board

Retirement benefits are falling,more and more and more retirees are finding themselves on the brink of poverty. These people have paid taxes in the belief that they would be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement

Many have had a rude awakening and found themselve struggling with their finances.  Wondering if they will be able to manage  to put food on the table and keep themselves warm in their homes throughout the winter.

What’s to be done about it?

Fortunately it’s not all doom and gloom by any means.

There are now some amazing possibilities and opportunities available to everyone including pensioners  -thanks to the internet.

Anyone can make money on the internet if they are prepared to make the consistent effort to do so.

  • There are no age limits
  • It takes very little money to get started
  • You can work at your own pace
  • You can choose the times that suit your lifestyle
  • No Techical or Writing skills are necessary
  • You can set your own goals in your chosen time scale

The keys to creating an extra income in retirement are:
Making the decision

Dave Wood has a goal of having 100 Empower Network Members earning a million dollars this year – no reason why some of them cannot be in their sixties,seventies and even eighties!

In fact it seems as if  boomers and the internet are the perfect fit.

They can spend as much time as they choose to set up an internet business.

They can find many like minded individuals on social media sites and internet communities who will help them and share ideas.

Baby Boomers have life skills and experience which they can use to help others and make themselves a retirement income, so that they can have the retirement lifestyle they deserve.

It’s a new adventure as well as a way of supporting themselves and their families and gives them an opportunity to leave a legacy. Even if their property investments have crashed they can still build a list which is “the real estate of the internet” that can be passed down to the next generation of their family.

Whether their goal is to make enough to supplement their retirement income or they want to make their fortune – their goal is achievable.   Like most goals in life and in business, it requires persistence and determination and willingness to work at least until they create some momentum.

Whether you are planning your retirement or you have already retired there is no better time th an now to get your foot on the first step to internet retirement riches.



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