What’s So Hard About Marketing Online?

Iva – my daughter-in-law told me that when she came to my home for the first time she was amazed by the number of books I had and also the fact that so many of them were about self- development.

Mindset and reading are a very important part of becoming successful.

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk is one book that I found very Informative. . Gary  has built a 60 million dollar business by branding himself.  He is the king of crushing it and he shares his insights and wisdom in this book. He shows you how to harness the power of the internet and make all your dreams come true by branding yourself and being transparent

If you implement the information in the book  you will be taking the first step towards being unstoppable!

  1. Getting Rid of Inhibitions

    For some people this is the hardest part of marketing online. Learning the strategies, writing the blogs, making the videos all fade into insignificance when it comes to getting rid of your inhibitions.
    This is what the top leaders have done -they have shared their successes and failures. They have put their hands up to their mistakes. In fact many of them  have made their lives an open book.
  2. The question you must ask yourself is “Have I the courage to make my life an open book to the world wide web?”  No more hiding behind excuses and blaming others for your lack of success so far.
  3. Making your life an open book is the first step towards freedom. It gets rid of your limitations and people love people who show their vulnerability, who share their truth. It is one of  the keys to getting true rapport with your audience.

    How To Make Marketing Online Easier


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