2 Speeding Up Your Computer Hacks

There are so many cool plug-ins and extensions available now that it is tempting to add more and more until your computer either slows up or gives up. Here are a couple of hacks to help you figure out the solution.
  1. Why Chrome Uses So Much Freaking Ram

    This Hack explains why Google Chrome uses up so much RAM and shows you how to find out what is using up the Ram on your computer and how you can reduce the amount that it is gobbling up.
  2. Crapware is a Horrible Problem and It’s All Our Fault

    So many of us have become addicted to free apps that we are encouraging software providers to find other ways to earn money – e.g. Sneaky little ways to clog up our computers with crapware

    hack image

There are a lot of ways of clogging up your computer and your business with unnecessary clutter.

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