2 Tracking 2 Websites About How To Track Your Stats

Tracking your stats is a very important part of internet marketing that is sometimes overlooked. When stats are not monitored a lot of time and money is wasted by sending either the wrong content or the right content to the wrong audience.
These are a couple of websites that can be used to track effectively and by doing so your results will improve dramatically/
  1. http://googleanalytics.com

    This is a marvellous website/tool which allows you to track your stats regarding the type and number of people visiting your websites, their location,their age and interests. It also shows their behaviour when they get to your site -which page or blog they land on and where and when they drop off.

    You can find your most popular content and improve the content that is not getting any views. It goes into great depth and I recommend that you take some time to learn how to use it to best effect.

    Click Here to Learn More About http://googleanalytics.com

  2. Klout

    This is a website that was recommended to me the other day I had already joined but was not keeping a check on it. It allows you to schedule your posts and you can connect with a large number of networks. You get a score about how well you are doing on your social networks.

    I am going to delve into it more closely and I suggest that you do the same

    Click Here to Learn More About Klout

Before you start using these tracking websites ofcourse you need to have some statistics to track. I am assuming that you already have an internet marketing business, If this is not the case and you really want to learn how to start up a real legitimate online business you can find out how to do that here.
So if you are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone and work at it check out my no 1 recommendation#.

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