21 Day Vlogging Challenge



21 Day Vlogging Challenge

Today is Friday 2nd May 2015.  Normally I don’t include dates in my posts, so that they can be “evergreen.”  Today is an exception because for me today is a momentous occasion.  Why? – Not just because Kate Middleton had her baby girl but because t I am now totally coimmitted to a 21 day vlogging challenge on FaceBook

I had intended to start it yesterday but I got a new iphone and spent most of the day setting it up and transferring my contacts as well as getting my head around the features.  My last iphone was stolen so I made sure that I took advantage of the “find my phone” option on this one.

I have already completed the 21 day blogging challenge with my kalatu blog.  In fact I did it 3 times in a row so now blogging everyday is well within my comfort zone.  It’s not all about me -I am sharing these bits of what may not seem to be very important information fbecause I am totally convinced that deciding to join this challenge will create the momentum you need for your business.  If you are just starting up it will give you an online . jump start

For some crazy reason I keep putting off making videos and I know that a lot of people do this.  That is one of the reasons why I decided to set this up.  Being out of your comfort zone  is not nearly as bad when you know that you are in good company.  So what better company could there be than like- minded marketers and Empower Network Members?

21 Day Vlogging Challenge

Some time ago I completed a 30 day video challenge  which Mike Hobbs had set up for the Prosperity Team.  I had committed to doing it, but on the day before the final day of the challenge I had only done 15 videos, so I managed to do 15 videos withing the space of 24 hours.

I didn’t know whether it was possible or not but I decided to JUST DO IT.

I really surprised myself – before that I used to think that 2 videos in one day was a major feat!  So then guess what happened – 2 or 3 or even 5 videos became a doddle.  The end result is that I am now left without any excuses to avoid this new challenge.

 21 Day Vlogging Challenge

There are a number of reasons why I am so excited about it

1  It’s going to take me out of my comfort zone

2 It’s going to take everyone who does it out of their comfort zones

3  I know that some of the top marketers are using video embedded on their blogs on a daily basis and having a lot of success with it

4  I am uploading my videos to YouTube and I know that there is an 85% increase in sales on products which can be seen by the prospect.

5  I know that YouTube have got some very BIG updates in the pipeline which are going to make it possible to actually sell products and get paid without going off YouTube  (This is going to be mind- boggling no put it mildly) and I intend to position myself and my followers on that platform.

6  I can’t think of a better habit than  vlogging every dey to brand ourselves and our businesses.

It’s the weekend so it’s a good chance to write a list of topics for your 30 vlogs and perhaps do s little research as well   You can find the challenge by “21 day vlogging challenge into the FaceBook Search Bar.  I hope you will join me and leave your comments on this blog and on the coming vlogs.


 If you are not already a member of Empower Network you can get access to a 7 day trial below.  Whether you are or are not please feel free to join the vlogging challenge

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