5 Reasons Why YOU Should Create an Online Course

Reasons Why YOU Should Create a Digital Course


1  Let’s be honest  the reason you are even bothering to read this blog is because you want to earn some money or you want to promote your business to increase your profits.  For most  of us making money is the main reason we want our own course.  It’s not for the glory, it’s not because we are committed to changing the world. – it’s all about the cash!

If you have a goal of $10k per month (which is the most common one)  you need to make sales of about per day $333.  So if you are selling your course at $97 you need to sell 103 of them per month to reach your target goal .  That’s  3 or 4 every single day.  If you decide to charge $297 for your course you will only need to sell one per day.

The question is how do you put a value on it?  You could check out what competitors are charging for their course  to get an idea of what your target market would be prepared to pay.  Generally the bigger the problem you are solving or the value you are providing is what dictates the cost of your course.  When you break it down to daily goals it seems much more do-able.

2  Everyone knows something that someone else needs or wants to the point that they will pull out their wallet or their credit card.  So put pen to paper and do a brain dump of what you know or can do that you can turn into a course.  If you  are prepared to make the effort you could be pleasantly surprised.

3  A course is something that people who are already following your posts and videos are likely to buy and you can use email marketing, social  media, funnels   and FaceBook ads to promote it.  You can get testimonials from them to encourage others to buy it.

4  Your course can be evergreen.  It’s better to make your course around topics and problems that continue to exist ad infinitum.  You can get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing that everyone who purchases your course has increased their likelihood of reaching their goals because of it.

5  Your course is something that you own 100% even though it has probably cost you next to nothing to make it.  Being broke is not an excuse for not making a course.  In fact it is just the opposite – it can be life changing.

I am in the process of creating a course to help people get started online.  So watch this space!

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