7 Steps Strategy To Success

 7 Step Strategy 

My lucky number is 7 – at least that is what I have always believed and I have never had any reason to think otherwise.

Today I would like to make it your lucky number too by giving you my 7 day -7 steps to success strategy

Step 1 Change your mindset in 7 ways – Start thinking differently about 7 of your limiting beliefs(we all have them) and change them to 7 empowering beliefs

Step 2 Have 7 completely New Goals which have been made possible by your new empowering beliefs

Step 3 Write down 7 reasons why you want to achieve these goals – Close your eyes and see them, feel them. touch them 

Step 4 Make 7 lead-boxes and save them for step 5

Step 5 Make 7 different opt-in pages and add your lead-boxes to them

Step 6 Write a blog about each goal and attach your optin – box to it

Step 7 Send each blog to 7 different places e.g. Facebook,Your Website,Tsu,Ibo-toolbox,your email list.Google+ and Pinterest

That’s it! Do this for 7 days per week until you reach each goal and then 7 will be your lucky number too.

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