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Marketing Strategist, Blogger and Entrepreneur  I would love to  help you to improve your social media skills and take your business to the next level.   You can contact me by email (hilarybassak@gmail.com) or by clicking any of the social icon buttons on this page

My Story

My name is Hilary Bassakaropoulos  (I often use the shortened version-Hilary Bassak for obvious reasons).   I am the proud grandmother of 4 fantastic grandsons, I have lived in Nairobi, London, Copenhagen, The Hague, Athens, Belfast, Dublin and I now live in Lisburn N Ireland

I worked in financial services for about 8 years and then set up my own mortgage business. As a former mortgage broker, I am used to providing advice on the biggest financial decision in most people’s lives.

My life changed in 2006 when I saw my real mother for the first time three days before her hundredth birthday. In 2009 I moved to Dublin to live with her and we spent the last year of her life together. I closed my mortgage business and that year was both traumatic and exciting and changed my life completely.  I wrote a book about this astonishing story.

Before starting my mortgage business, I went to The World Internet Summit in London with my son– that was my first taste of internet marketing.   I invite you to join me right now on my journey to financial freedom and I really do look forward to seeing YOU on the beaches of the world.

I’d love to hear where you are on your journey to financial freedom.  You need to focus on one or two strategies.  

My main focus was on  leads and traffic and that paid off for me and I am sure it will for you too.  Now my focus is on conversion strategies and I would love to share my journey  with you.  

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