Accountability Partners

If I still had an accountability partner I would probably not be writing this blog post. The reason for this is that I already had a blog post and a video about accountability partners and somehow or other they seem to have disappeared into thin air! I only noticed this today when I was installing Generate Press on this website. I know that my accountability partner would have discovered this when she was checking my websites and may have found out soon enough for me to retrieve them.

Alas woe is me! – my accountability partner finally gave up trying to keep tabs on me. Disorganisation was my middle name. I think I have improved quite a lot recently because I have no other option since she could not keep up with my chaotic

You may be wondering whether it is worthwhile having an accountability partner and I can assure you that it definitely is very helpful both from a practical point of view and from the motivational aspect.

Blogging and online marketing can be a lonely business and knowing that someone is actually taking an interest in your work and even suggesting some improvements is awesome.

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