Are You Making this Critical blogging Mistake?

blogging mistakeIs your blog not creating the results you want?  Have you been blogging off and on for a year or more and have been getting very few viewers to your blog and very few leads or none at all.  If you are beginning to think that all this talk about blogging is just hype, I have got some good news for you, you can change this with a few simple steps.

The most critical blogging mistake that is made by many unsuccessful bloggers is lack of consistency.  You need to decide on a blogging schedule and stick to it no matter what.  Whether you choose to blog daily or blog 3 to 5 times per week, you really must make this a priority come what may.

If you are not consistent with your blogging, your followers will get frustrated and go to another blog that will not disappoint.  Blogging doesn’t have to take that long if you prepare a theme for the week and have a schedule.

There is no reason why  you can’t complete your blog and syndicate it to your social media sites as well as emailing it to your list within an hour.  Use a timer if you must – check out the pommodoro technique on google.

It’s not enough to be consistent about writing your blog, you must also be consistent about:

  • the quality of your content and that includes text, imagea and videos and optin pages and banners.
  • asking the right questions to find out the frustations and problems that your readers are experiencing
  • providing content that is of value to your targeted audience
  • reading and improving your skills,so the you are becoming more of an expert in your niche
  • sharing your blog with social media
  • email your blog to your list
  • test and tweak your blog

When you figure out what keeps your audience awake at night and give them solutions and lots of quality content you can earn a consistent income from blogging about your passion

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