Time Blocking

I was listening to my favorite mentor the other day and someone asked her how she managed to get so much done.  She earns over $1million dollars per month so, as you can imagine, she has a lot of stuff going on.  Yet she manages to livestream almost every day and come up with the most up to date information which she shares with her many followers.

She said that the reason why she gets so much more done than most people is that she time blocks.  So although I am normally someone who likes to learn but often does not get around to taking action or teaching what I have learnt,  I decided to try this out for myself.

OMG – What a difference it is making not only in  my business but also in my life.  I encourage you to do the same – you will be amazed at how much it helps.  The thing about it is that you need to be very strict with yourself about the time you spend on each task.

It changes your perspective on a blogpost when you have already decided in advance how much time you are going to spend researching the topic (especially if it is something you are not very confident about), decide how long you are going to take to create the outline, write it and another timeblock for sharing it to as large a target audience as possible.

Same thing applies to making a video – set a time to complete the research, the script, the filming, the thumbnail, the editing, the keywords and hashtags, the description and the optimization, even the scheduling.  Be generous with the time you allocate to each task in the beginning and gradually with practice you can reduce the time spent on them.  Just being aware of how long it takes to complete each project seems to speed up the length of time you need to spend on each one.  The end result is either time saved that allows you to spend more time with your family or having time to get more done – your choice!

Apparently this timing has been scientifically proven to be effective.  Effectivess and efficiency are two of my favourite words!  Whenever I am searching for a new product or a training – they are the criteria that I use.

I am someone who is very fond of gadgets and automation so some time ago I bought myself a timer and it has come in very handy for my time blocking activities – which reminds me the reason that I bought it in the first place was so that I could use the Pomodoro method.  This is a method which uses 25 minute time blocks with 5 minute intervals (you can google it!)     I think this time blocking method combined with a few other little hacks could just be the tipping point in your  business as well as mine.

Time-blocking, focus, consistency and persistency play a part in creating a successful business online.  If you start with time blocking and focus you can build up the rest by creating new habits and gradually adding them to your daily tasks.  Lately I have noticed that many top marketers and business owners block out time to focus on their priority tasks on a daily basis.  It seems to be the best way to deal with the overwhelm which we are all having to cope with nowadays because of  all the interesting and distracting things that come on our path from the moment we open our eyes each morning.  Let’s not even mention Tik Tok Tik Tok TikTok.

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Create an Online Course

Create a Digital Course

Reasons Why YOU Should Create a Digital Course


1  Let’s be honest  the reason you are even bothering to read this blog is because you want to earn some money or you want to promote your business to increase your profits.  For most  of us making money is the main reason we want our own course.  It’s not for the glory, it’s not because we are committed to changing the world. – it’s all about the cash!

If you have a goal of $10k per month (which is the most common one)  you need to make sales of about per day $333.  So if you are selling your course at $97 you need to sell 103 of them per month to reach your target goal .  That’s  3 or 4 every single day.  If you decide to charge $297 for your course you will only need to sell one per day.

The question is how do you put a value on it?  You could check out what competitors are charging for their course  to get an idea of what your target market would be prepared to pay.  Generally the bigger the problem you are solving or the value you are providing is what dictates the cost of your course.  When you break it down to daily goals it seems much more do-able.

2  Everyone knows something that someone else needs or wants to the point that they will pull out their wallet or their credit card.  So put pen to paper and do a brain dump of what you know or can do that you can turn into a course.  If you  are prepared to make the effort you could be pleasantly surprised.

3  A course is something that people who are already following your posts and videos are likely to buy and you can use email marketing, social  media, funnels   and FaceBook ads to promote it.  You can get testimonials from them to encourage others to buy it.

4  Your course can be evergreen.  It’s better to make your course around topics and problems that continue to exist ad infinitum.  You can get a lot of satisfaction out of knowing that everyone who purchases your course has increased their likelihood of reaching their goals because of it.

5  Your course is something that you own 100% even though it has probably cost you next to nothing to make it.  Being broke is not an excuse for not making a course.  In fact it is just the opposite – it can be life changing.

I am in the process of creating a course to help people get started online.  So watch this space!

BTW I accidentally posted this blog on a different website.  I usually post them on this one