Get Started In Internet Marketing

Get Started In Internet Marketing The traditional way that we are advised to Get Started In Internet Marketing is to: Find your passion Search out the keywords on the Google Keyword  Tool that are low competition and then use these in your marketing materials e.g. emails and blogs Learn to Blog and then blog Learn […]

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

What I Love About Internet Marketing Have you noticed something lately about online Marketers?  It’s something very cool and exciting and it’s building momentum at a rapid pace. Most of the marketers that I surround myself with are placing their focus on providing value, mindset, personal development and  personal branding.  The consistency of this new […]

The Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing

The Pros and Cons of Online Marketing Internet marketing has been encouraged by many and maligned by even more especially those whose spouses spend most of their waking hours on the internet: More and more business owners  have realised that on-line marketing is no longer optional if they want to compete on a level playing […]

Get More Leads With Automation

 Get More Leads With Automation  There is no doubt that we could all save ourselves a lot of time if we used more of the automation tools that are now available.  They include apps, plug ins and  browser extensions.  As I create this blog I can see a number of extensions at the top of […]

Don’t You Wish Your Marketing Was Hot Like Mine – Don’t You?

; Joking of course, but this morning I came across an irresistible piece of marketing No I’m not gonna tell you who the marketer was or you would probably shoot straight over to his blog or his FaceBook page lol. It really set me thinking and I just had to ask myself this question.Why should anyone choose to […]