Don’t You Wish Your Marketing Was Hot Like Mine – Don’t You?

; Joking of course, but this morning I came across an irresistible piece of marketing.  No  – I’m not gonna tell you who the marketer was or you would probably shoot straight over to his blog or his FaceBook page lol. It really set me thinking and I just had to ask myself this question.  … Read more

What Is Periscope?

What Is Periscope? Wondering whether it’s worthwhile joining Periscope or not? Will it grow your business and get you more leads and sales?  The answer is a very big yes to both these questions and the good news is that it can do this from your very first scope. There are a number of ways … Read more

4 Reasons You May Be Struggling With Your Blog

How To Make A Blog Every business needs a blog and everyone who wants to earn money on the internet should have one too.  If you think of your blog as your home on the internet it will give you more ideas about what to write about.  When you invite your friends to your house what … Read more

Overcoming Obstacles

She asked me who I was and I told her in no uncertain terms – “I am your daughter” To my utter joy and amazement she said “Would you like to come and visit me? The rest is history and even more amazing than the first part of the story. If you would like to read ore I’m afraid you will have to buy the book lol.

I am telling you this true story about my life to impress upon you that obstacles are there to be overcome. That is my strong belief and one of the reasons why I have become known to my friends and followers as the Queen of Hope”.

When you really commit to your goals, obstacles may slow you down but they will not stop you. Be unstoppable! Commitment, determination, belief, courage – these are the stuff of dreams, obstacles are only a minor bleep on the path to success.
Never ever ever give up on your dreams

The Million Dollar Question

Wakening Up To a Better Way When I was a teenager, I knew that the only thing I wanted to do was to own a riding school. I had managed, with much persistence combined with a lot of saving, weeping and wailing to persuade my parents to buy me a pony. This led me to … Read more

How To Get Targeted Followers on Twitter

Grow Your Twitter Following Fast

I have grown my Twitter following to over 17,000.   When I first opened the account I didn’t realise just how important it was to get targeted followers.  If this has happened to you all is not lost because you can follow targeted followers and unfollow those who aren’t. So to gain more followers on Twitter,  … Read more

Selling With Your Heart

Selling With Your Heart I really admire Marie Forleo and I enjoy her videos that always provide me with food for thought. I hope that this one is having the same effect on you. Sell something that you believe in with the mindset that you are helping someone to step up to a better future.  The bigger … Read more