Bad Habits

 Bad Habits

When we think about bad habits the first ones that come to mind  are:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking Too Much
  • Drugs
  • Overeating
  • Being Lazy

There’s no doubt that these bad habits damage our health and if taken to extreme can even kill us.

We are constantly reminded of the ill effects of all these things.  At the same time we are bombarded by adverts encouraging us to do them if not directly in a more subtle way. Telling us we deserve that extra piece of chocolate, that mouthwatering piece of chicken smothered in batter and saturated in fat.

Bad Habits

The question is how do we stop these bad habits?

  • We can try the top effective tool known as willpower but it has a way of disappearing just when we most need it
  • We can hire a coach to encourage us to eat  healthily or get fit  -but not all of us can afford that
  • We see magazine covers with the latest diet, buy the magazine and then find that the rest of the  magazine is littered with recipes for puddings and high calorie meals and   the latest diet is just another fad

Bad Habits

Ask yourself another question.

How much are you spending on these bad habits?

What would happen if every time you were tempted to buy another packet of cigarettes, another bottle of whiskey, another bar of chocolate, another greasy snack, another cream bun,  you put the money in a box or a jar or just didn’t spend it?

Would that make you feel good?  Probably Not.  Hold that thought. What if you could use that money to turn your life around?


The bad habits that are effecting your health are compounded by

The Worst bad habit of all


If you don’t believe you can kick these habits – you won’t.

If you don’t believe you deserve a better life – you won’t get one.

You Must Believe That You Can Change These bad habits.

When you do you can change your life.


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You can live your dreams, you can kick the bad habits – believe me -I was a chain smoker and I haven’t smoked a cigarette for twenty years.  I bought a house with my “cigarette money”.  It was enough to pay for the mortgage I could not afford while I was smoking.  You have an even better opportunity but it will only work for you if you do what I did.  Make the decision, take action now just click on the button to end the bad habits and begin  a new and better future.

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