Blogging Tips


Blogging Tips


Blogging Tips

Consistency is the key to success in blogging for a number of reasons.  If you blog daily you will become better at blogging and you will get a higher rank with Google.  Those who read your blogs are more likely to make it a habit if you are posting fresh content every day.

Make sure that your blog is relevant to your niche   It should be educational, informative or entertaining.  Perhaps a personal story of your struggles and successes that your readers can relate to.

Add videos and relevant images (you can easily find free images on a google image search).

Always put your website or capture page url below the video on your blog

At least one call to action is essential e.g. Tell them to click on the link, comment, share or like.

If you in a team ask your fellow members to like or share your blog and don’t forget to reply to all comments.  You can start up a conversation with your prospect just as you would offline or on social media sites such as facebook.

Include relevant keywords in the headline and tags and throughout the blog itself.  Send your blog to Facebook groups, Linked In and LinkedIn groups.  Search on Google for more suitable groups in your niche and join them.  Try to find groups that have a large membership and encourage posting are  by their members.

Ideally your blog should have 500 or more words but if you are busy or not in the mood to blog then write and short one.  Write a longer blog of 1000 words at least once a week,

Blogging Tips

There are a number of leaders on Empower Network who write great sales copy and capture pages as well as terrific blogs that attract leads like honey to the bee.  They have put their knowledge at your disposal.

Dave Wood encourages us to model his blogs and it’s a good idea to find two or three top bloggers that you like and analyse their blogs.  this will definitely help you to improve your content.

The combined knowledge of top internet marketers is at our disposal – only a couple of clicks away.

The more blogs you do the better you become at writing them but if you really don’t like blogging you have other alternatives:

You can outsource your blogs at or Odesk.

If you join the Pipeline Prosperity Alliance you will have the opportunity to learn blogging strategies and tips on a weekly basis from Mike Hobbs who had made over $700k already by blogging consistently.   These are unique results, and results do vary. Please see our average income earnings at

Everything that you need to know is within Empower Network.  It’s both flexible and comprehensive.  Very well thought out for optimum ease of use.

So what are you waiting for?

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