Brand – Is It Really Necessary?


YourBrand  is something that you need to think about seriously.

At the mention of  Coca Cola

A vision of a coke bottle comes to your mind in an instant.

Don’t you think it would be very helpful if the mention of your name or your group could trigger  a good thought in the minds of your potential customers?

Not  everyone is comfortable using themselves as their brand  but as Armand Morin says “you gotta get over yourself” if you want to be a success in this business.

Now is the best time ever to spread the word about yourself or your product – there are so many different places to get your message across and this should always include your brand.

Social Networking is the first method that comes to mind.  People can get to know you when they see you and read your posts almost as well as if they had actually met you.

If you plan it’s easier to create  a good first impression.

On the internet it’s easy to find out about your competitors, their advertising, their strategies, their successes and their mistakes.

More importantly you can study your target market  in depth – find out what they are looking for with the right questions, surveys and  keyword tools.  All this gives you the opportunity to choose a great brand for yourself or your product.

Your logo, your correspondence  and content, how you present yourself and your company, how you interact with your customer – all these things have a good or bad effect on your brand.

So always be taking action to improve your brand.

 A brand, unlike an advertisement lasts forever so use it well.

It’s a good idea if you can’t afford a publicist at this point in your business to study those companies who have the most successful brands.

Take the top ten companies and analyse their brands, their logos, their paid advertising and their social media strategies.

Google them. check out some of their videos on you tube,  Be proactive!

If you think you haven’t time for all that then you may also find that your brand assumes the same importance to your customers as it does to you.  That’s the bottom line guys.

If you are not prepared to put the work and the time into building it don’t expect your target market to be impressed or persuaded by it.

The top brand names are priceless.  A good one is worth a fortune.  You can achieve a lot  by watching and modelling the smartest companies.

Test,  test, test   over and over again until you come up with one that suits your target market and highlights your company’s strengths and unique selling point.

It can take your business to heights you never imagined

Your logo is often the first thing a potential customer sees or notices.  You want it to be imprinted on their mind forever – that should be your ultimate goal.

Unless you are very creative, imaginative and knowledgeable in the field  of advertising, then  it is definitely advisable to beg borrow or steal (no, please don’t go that far) a professional agency to design one for you.

Customers may enjoy a  touch of humour or perhaps a tongue in cheek approach  – discuss it with the experts.

No better man than Richard Branson to inject some fun into any aspect of his companies – listen carefully to the following video and get a few nuggets regarding your brand.

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