Buy a House


Buy a House

Paul Hutchings who is a partner in the Prosperity Team had an AMAZING accomplishment happen to him yesterday and Mike Hobbs just had to share it with us!

You see Paul was living in a a trailer a little over a year ago, and now was able to completely pay off his Mortgage to his new house he bought at the end of last year!

Normally it would take someone 30+ years to pay off a house.  He did it in less then 1!

Buy a House

I was able to get a mortgage by giving up cigarettes. That was about 20 years ago but it was such a great feeling. Later on I sold that house and paid off the mortgage. I did have enough profit on it to put a deposit on a detached house which I thought I could never have afforded to buy.

Buy a House

Having listened to Paul’s story my goal is to pay off my current mortgage which is now in negative equity. Blogging for peace of mind and financial freedom seems like an inviting new goal for me.

All I can say is WOW!   Listen to this story!  You may even shed a tear!

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