Blogging – Is It Worthwhile?

You may have asked this question yourself or been asked it.  Either way and beyond the shadow of a doubt making money with blogging is possible and some bloggers are currently  making  7 figure and even 8 figure incomes with blogging as their main source of revenue.

Blogs that aren’t being seen are a waste of time and effort.  I for one created many blogs but made the mistake of spending all my time and efforts on the actual blogs and not enough time sharing those blogs on social media.

What Are The Best Strategies?

The questions that you really need to be asking are:

1  What are successful bloggers doing that the rest are not?

2  Why are they succeeding when so many are failing?

3  What are they doing that’s different?

4  What can I do to model them?

The answers to these questions are not hard to find.  Napoleon Hill talked about “doing things in a certain way” to be successful in life and this can also be applied to blogging.

  • The key is to blog consistently preferably 5-6 days per week
  • To look upon it as a long term strategy that gradually builds your list
  • To provide value and entertainment for your audience as opposed to writing to please yourself
  • To know your target audience like the back of your hand
  • To provide solutions to their problems
  • Improve your blogging skills by reading and listening to trainings
  • Choose a few top bloggers and follow their blogs on a regular basis

So Can You Really Monetise Your Blogs?

Yes of course you can and if you want to give yourself the best possible chance to do so then post your blog on an authority platform and join a community who love blogging for income. Here’s the one that I love 

Outline what topics are going to be useful to your target audience.  Decide whether to look for keywords for each individual blog or  choose  all the keywords for your weekly theme at the beginning of the week

The Secrets Of Successful Blogging

Blogging seems like such a simple thing to do.  Writing about your passion and sharing it with your hungry target audience who just can’t wait until you post your next piece of valuable quality content.  That’s how it is in Utopia but unfortunately we are not living in internet wonderland, so we have to use many strategies, sometimes even – dare I say the word – subterfuge to create successful blogs that are going to attract the right people.  Let’s be honest about it we are looking for buyers, not passers by – there are far too many of them already.

What Is Quality Content?

Create quality content of course – oh yes!

Unfortunately what you consider to be quality content may be of no interest whatsoever to the people that you need to target.

Who are they anyway this unappreciative bunch of people who don’t want to share your content much less buy what you have on offer?  They are the people who are seeing your blogs.  If they are not the ones who find your blogs helpful or interesting then you are either going to have to change your blogs or send them to a more targeted audience or both.

Just Get Started!

So where do you start?  Start with the end in mind – ask yourself these questions before you even start typing -“what is my desired outcome? Where am I going to find the people who want what I have to offer? What are their problems.their biggest pains and how much are they willing to pay for the solution?  When you have got all that sorted out then it’s time to start blogging.


The Secrets Of Successful Blogging

Blogging is a long term free strategy so don’t expect results in the first few days or weeks.  You must blog consistently preferably at least  days per week in the beginning until you get the ball rolling.

It’s not essential to learn SEO but if you find out the basics it will help to get your blogs ranked on Google.

Use images  including infographics and videos (your own and other peoples), use stats, graphs etc.  Blog about celebrities and trending topics and learn how to bridge.  By bridging I mean connecting the topic of your blog to your goal e.g. getting the reader to check out or buy your product.

Always, always,always have an optin on your blog preferably with a free giveaway to entice your readers to sign up for your newsletter to get them on your list.  Your blog is your home on the internet and your list is your best asset.

There are two things that your really need to focus on –

  • always be selling
  • always be building your list.

Putting your blog on an authority blog will make it easier to rank on google.  You can find lots of blogging tips on Google and YouTube but the best way to become a better blogger is to keep on blogging.

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