Capture Pages – Do They Really Work?

Capture Pages

Capture Pages   are supposed to be the magic ingredient in The Internet Marketing Recipe For Success.

A Word of Warning

Think long and hard about where you are putting your capture pages.

If you put them on a company website make sure that the leads that your they produce are totally in your control.  If your company gives you the sale but takes your leads then change your company immediately.  Don’t use a company owned auto-responder if you can avoid it.

Use GetResponse or Aweber and keep control over your own leads.

 Build Your List Always

Be sure that if you ever decide to leave that company you still own and have access to the leads that you have personally created.  This is very important – if you don’t do this you could end up losing months if not years of work in building up your list.

It’s a good idea to copy and save your capture pages as a back up for your business.

Empower Network have made their own capture pages  and capture leads which you can use and are encouraged to do so.  These are high converting capture pages made by professionals so do not hesitate to use them.

The leads that you get from them belong to you and you alone.  You can send them to Aweber or GetResponse or your chosen autoresponder.  So go ahead and use them.

If you would like to create some capture pages yourself to brand some other products that you are promoting then I recommend that you have a look at this video below.  Optimize Press.  Some of the leading internet marketers including John Mroz -one of the top earners in Empower Network are using this word press plug in.  Dave Wood says that John is the only man who can get more leads than he does,

Clarify Your Goal

You can find some high converting capture pages that the top marketers are using and get some ideas from them.  Always learn from the best is a very good policy to follow.  Dave Wood also advises you to think out the outcome of any actions you take in your business.  This advice encompasses everything.  So, before you decide to make a capture page be very clear in your mind about your purpose in making it and the outcome you are expecting from it.  Always bear in mind your target market and consider their needs and wants while creating it.

Capture pages are also known as opt-in pages and their main purpose is to get the name and email address of potential buyers (leads).  The number of sales that come from these leads is usually quite predictable.  This means that you can have a good idea how many opt-ins you need to achieve the income that is your goal.  Capture pages also help to weed out the people who are not interested in whatever it is you are selling.  This results in more targeted leads and less time wasted chasing after those who have no interest in your product.

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