4 Reasons You May Be Struggling With Your Blog

How To Make A Blog

Every business needs a blog and everyone who wants to earn money on the internet should have one too.  If you think of your blog as your home on the internet it will give you more ideas about what to write about.  When you invite your friends to your house what do you talk about?  When you meet clients in your office what do you discuss?

When you meet  people offline you can see by their body language or their facial expressions whether they find your conversation interesting or not.  How do you find out whether your online friends and followers are engaged with your conversation?  One way is to pay attention to how many likes and shares and comments you are getting.  Another is to ask them directly.  “if you like my post please comment and share” encourages people to do so.

How To Make A Blog

Your blog is the place where you can build a relationship with your followers so it’s much better to direct people to your blog rather than to your sales page or capture page or link to your product.  That’s one of the great advantages about blogs – you don’t need to do any more “cold calls”,  You can attract targeted traffic with your content.

 How To Make A Blog

Whether you are just starting a blog or you have already been blogging for some time there are so many ways that you can improve your blogs if you are prepared to do a little bit of research.  Check out the top blogs and top bloggers.  Don’t copy them but get ideas from them about topics and how to present your blog.  You need to blog consistently and you need to share your blog on social media and to your email list.  It does take time to earn money with blogging – it’s not a short term strategy.  If you would like to be able to set up a website in 30 seconds just click here for instant access (it’s fr.ee).

If you are interested in getting your blog seen on social media you can also get instant access to a proven free twitter training here.

Twitter Tip by hilarybassak

2 Wealth Hacks That Can Help Create a Rich Lifestyle

If your goal is to get rich as soon as possible, then now is the time to start making it happen. You can visualize what a wealthy lifestyle looks like for you. You can figure out your niche, find some proven strategies, model someone who has already succeeding in that niche and just get your head down and work like mad until you achieve your goal.
In the meantime here are some tips that might just help you to get there a little bit faster.
  1. Look-Rich

    Tony Robbins always talks about how important “state” is. When you are dressed for the part it is much easier to get into the right state. When you are dressed like a leader, people treat you like one – so don’t underestimate the power of dressing up. It’s time enough to dress down when you have achieved your goals but by then you will probably have taken on board the advantages of being immaculate.

    hack image

  2. Become-a-Millionaire

    This is a 7 part Wiki How hack which describes the steps required to become a millionaire. You may not agree with all the steps but one fact remains: If you’re in a regular, salaried job, the chances are that you’re not going to become a millionaire, even if you forego almost everything and live like a total hermit and save most of your salary
    Fortunately there is a solution that has worked for 15 millionaires so far. You can check it out below

    hack image

Most people would like to be a millionaire but they are not prepared to make the commitment or spend the time or put in the effort to become one. They can only dream of a millionaire lifestyle and hope to either win the lottery or inherit a fortune.
You, on the other hand, are reading this because you believe that there is another way and that the effort involved is going to be well worth it.  Even if you are strapped for cash at the moment you can get started right away!

2 10 X- Ing New Technology Videos

People often shy away from new technology and that’s great for you because it gives you a head start  – but only if you embrace it. You have a much better chance of success when you get in at the beginning.
When some of the top marketers start using a new technology, they are going to be just as uncomfortable using it as you are.
Some of them have already built their businesses on blogging,social media or even video marketing but scoping is very different and actually doing it is the only way to get good at it.  So you can join them or even overtake them in their learning curve.
So remember that, unlike them, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Some of them use scopess to increase their following but that can be a shaky strategy  in the beginning if their scopes are mot as good as the rest of their content.
What can you do to take advantage of this opportunity?
1 Bite the bullet and get started right away
2 Spend at least a week studying the new technology in depth
3 Watch what the marketers who are already getting results are doing – pay particular attention to the ones in your niche
4 Create a product or an awesome Giveaway to turn your new followers into leads
5 Just Do It
6 Blog about it and share on social media
7  If you create a product such as a training course for a social media platform you will be ready to monetize your scope.  Ask me in the comments if you would like a strategy for that.
  • Periscope -Twitter’s Live Streaming App Tutorial

    Sunny Lenarduzzi explains why she prefers Periscope to Meerkat. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try both apps and use whichever one you prefer or even like Arnold Schwartzeneger use both.  Meerkat has a CTA and a WordPress plugin which allows you to embed your Meerkats, so there really are reasons to go with both.

    It’s a great way to get more benefit from Twitter and to X – 10 your business. If you don’t have a business or would like to find more ways to promote your business you can access them on this post. . Be bold – this is your life!

  • Tile versus Peeble Bee

    You can use the PebbleBee tag to track anything from your kids, dog, iphone, keys to your most treasured possessions. If you are someone who is constantly having to waste your time searching for articles you have misplaced or forgotten where you left them, then you should definitely put this on your wish list. 

  • It’s got many cool features and you can even get someone who is at the other end of the world to help you find the lost article if their phone is “Peeble Enabled”

    It is already on the market and you will be surprised to hear that the prices start at only $23. It would make a great gift too.

    My point is that there are already so many great tools on the market that most of us don’t even know exist.

    I will introduce you to one that can transform your business or help you to create a new business fast. It’s not an easy option but it is one that has already produced at least 15 millionaires.

Technology is moving so fast and if you are willing to keep an open mind and use it in your business – you can not only transform your own life and business but also those of your friends and followers

2 Rich Retirement Quotes

As a teenager I was encouraged to join the Civil Service mainly because of the fact that Civil Servants got good pensions. That job was probably the most boring job I ever had in my life – I only put up with it for 2 years because I had no choice in the matter- in those days parents had a major say in their children’s lives until they moved out of the family home.
Retirement was looked upon as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. People actually looked forward to it.
Nowadays so many people are prolonging their working life because they can’t afford to retire. Luckily there is a solution to this problem and you will find it further down this page
  1. The question isn’t at what age I want to retire, it’s at what income.
    George Foreman
    I think George was spot on and he asked the question we all need to ask ourselves if we are going to have an enjoyable retirement doing the things that we want to do with our lives,
  2. Retirement can be a great joy if you can figure out how to spend time without spending money.
    Author Unknown
    This really is a defeatist attitude and it really is not necessary for anyone to think like this now that there are so many opportunities to earn money online
You can decide to retire on your pension or you can grab hold of the opportunity that is available to those who are prepared to commit to putting some time and effort into creating an income that will enable them to retire to an abundant lifestyle. The choice is yours.

2 Motivational Kardashian’s Secrets Videos

Like thousands of others, I really enjoy watching ” the Kardashians”. I think it takes a lot of courage to open your private life to the general public. I admire their work ethic, although I wonder whether they would maybe prefer the “laptop lifestyle” if they got a taste of it because I have no doubt that whatever type of business they decided to get involved in they would be mega-successful
  1. An Interview With Kim Kardashian

    This video interview reveals a part of the mindset of Kim Kardashian which is one of the keys of her tremendous success
  2. Chris Jenner interviews Kanye West and shares some more secrets from the Kardashian household.

An Artist and Free Spirit

The first time I spoke to the artist and free spirit Molly McIlree on the phone she was very dismissive if not rude.  She told me that I was a wicked young woman disrupting an old lady’s life.  I was 59 years “young” at the time and she was 100 years old.

I had already written to her and sent her some carefully chosen photographs of myself taken throughout my childhood, teens and later years as well a photograph of my son.  Later she told me that when she received them with my letter she had put them in a basin and poured some hot water on them and crumpled them into tiny pieces and threw them in the bin.  That first time I spoke to her I was shocked by her coldness and the harshness of her voice.  It was my worst nightmare.  How could  this woman I had been searching for since I was 19 years old be my mother?

I was still reeling from the shock when I decided on an impulse to ring her one more time.  Before she had a chance to speak I told her that I realized that she had no feelings for me and that all I wanted from her was to know the name of my father.  This request had the strangest effect that I could never have imagined.  “Would you like to come and visit me?” she asked.  that reply was like manna from heaven to me.  Of course I said that I would and she told me that I could come on one condition and that was that I introduce myself as Rosemary and say that I was a friend of hers.

“Don’t call me mother” she said “Call Me Molly –  I haven’t been your mother”.  Molly was a mother that no-one could have dreamed up in their wildest imagination.  Charismatic, charming, daunting.flirtatious,highly intelligent.  A woman who was riding her exercise bike in her eighties skipping in her nineties and entertaining her long lost daughter by cooking a delicious meal and talking about her incredible life travelling the world V.I.P. style all the way.  She had lived in a mansion with a very wealthy man who referred to her as his beloved Molly but officially she was his “travelling companion.  We talked non stop for 7 hours and found out that we had a lot in common.

The idea for this blog was to write about someone who had changed my life.  She certainly did that big time.  When she was 102 years old she fell and became bedridden.  So  I left my home, my mortgage business and my partner of more than 20 years and went to live with her in Dublin.  I had found her on the internet and she was delighted to get her first email address when she was 103 years old.  She was greatly impressed by the internet and saw it as a possibility for her to become world famous.  She told me that her ambition was to become more famous than Einstein – one of her heroes.

I always had a different way of thinking to most of the people I met.  It was when I got to know my mother that I realized where my weirdness had originated.  As Justin Verrengia  often says -“Here’s to the weird ones”.  That’s one of the many things I love about Empower Network  it’s a place where the weird ones thrive.

If you are a little bit weird or even if you are not, you will find that you will not only be accepted but welcomed with open arms into this very diverse community.

Lesson I Learned From Leaders

To be really successful in Internet Marketing you need to become a leader. Are you wondering if leadership is a skill that can be learned or if leaders are born not made? Let’s dive a little deeper into this subject and see what we can learn from those have already proved their leadership skills. There are plenty of examples, so maybe a good place to start would be with the millionaires.


From the first event that I attended one phrase stuck in my mind – “success leaves clues”. That’s why whenever I watch or listen to any of the leaders I always try to figure out what they are doing that is different from the pack. Simply by doing this, you can learn a lot and if you are serious about this business the knowledge that you will gain from this will help you become a leader too.
What do leaders have in common with each other?
Self Belief
A Clear Vision
The willingness to get out of their comfort zone and do whatever if takes even when they are not seeing the results they hoped for.
Letting go of their egos
Being prepared to look foolish to their family and friends
Constantly working on personal development
They love to learn and teach what they have learnt
Implementation is their strong point
Being authentic – the courage to be weird/different
Enthusiasm and Energy
They go” all out” to be what they need to be and they are always “all in”
These are all things that everyone is capable of doing if they decide to do so. So why not you? Why not me?

2 Speeding Up Your Computer Hacks

There are so many cool plug-ins and extensions available now that it is tempting to add more and more until your computer either slows up or gives up. Here are a couple of hacks to help you figure out the solution.
  1. Why Chrome Uses So Much Freaking Ram

    This Hack explains why Google Chrome uses up so much RAM and shows you how to find out what is using up the Ram on your computer and how you can reduce the amount that it is gobbling up.
  2. Crapware is a Horrible Problem and It’s All Our Fault

    So many of us have become addicted to free apps that we are encouraging software providers to find other ways to earn money – e.g. Sneaky little ways to clog up our computers with crapware

    hack image

There are a lot of ways of clogging up your computer and your business with unnecessary clutter.

Wealthy Retirement Quotes

There’s a new retirement mindset gaining momentum. It’s not about sitting in the corner, it’s not about making do – it’s about making more money and helping others to do the same.
It’s about realising that if you are not prepared to sit back and let life beyond retirement eliminate your ambition, your confidence and your joie de vivre, you can truly make it the most productive time in your life.
  1. The question isn’t at what age I want to retire –  it’s at what income.

    George Foreman
     This is the kind of mindset that took George Foreman from zero to hero and it can do the same for you
  2. Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can’t retire his experience. He must use it.

    Bernard Baruch
    Ever considered that hanging on to your knowledge and experience might be a sin?  Why would you choose to keep it all to yourself?
    Retirement can be the opportunity for to do exactly what you want to do with your time. No boss and no restrictions. The chance to prove to yourself and the world that there’s a lot more to you than they ever thought possible.
In retirement you have the time to get your head around new things. To delight in new discoveries and to find out just what you are really capable of.
With the right vehicle you can transform your life and share your success with those you love.
The great thing is that you can do all this while helping others to do the same.
Maybe with the mindset you have had up until now you think this is pie in the sky.
If you open your mind and let go of the things that got you where you are today, your tomorrow can be better than anything you have ever dreamed about.
Now that many seniors are in lock down due to the Corona Virus you are presented with an amazing opportunity to hone your online skills and start up a new online business which can provide you not only wth an extra income as well as a new interest.  Believe me it can be addictive but very worthwhile.
In the beginning it will take time and effort and a small investment (usually a lot less than it would take to set up an off line business).  With the right tools and the right training you can learn how to create passive residual income.

2 Timeless Repetitive Actions That Lead To Success Quotes

I find it amazing that words written or spoken many years ago still apply even though the people who said those things might be completely amazed by our modern world.. What we repeatedly do still governs our lives as much now as it did in ancient times.
  1. We Are What We Repeatedly Do
    Excellence Then Is Not An Act But A Habit
    I have a special interest in the sayings of Aristotle because my eldest grandson is called Aristotle
  2. Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking

This is something I have been guilty of doing. Thanks to Empower Network and Mike Hobbs in particular I am gradually getting out of this habit of reading without taking action.
I never thought of it as a lazy habit before but now I realise that it is. . I decided to implement what I am learning by following the learn teach and do strategy. – focusing on taking action rather than just reading.
If you would like learn teach and do your way to freedom you can join our team.