4 Reasons You May Be Struggling With Your Blog

How To Make A Blog Every business needs a blog and everyone who wants to earn money on the internet should have one too.  If you think of your blog as your home on the internet it will give you more ideas about what to write about.  When you invite your friends to your house what … Read more

2 Wealth Hacks That Can Help Create a Rich Lifestyle

If your goal is to get rich as soon as possible, then now is the time to start making it happen. You can visualize what a wealthy lifestyle looks like for you. You can figure out your niche, find some proven strategies, model someone who has already succeeding in that niche and just get your head down and work like mad until you achieve your goal.
In the meantime here are some tips that might just help you to get there a little bit faster.

2 Rich Retirement Quotes

As a teenager I was encouraged to join the Civil Service mainly because of the fact that Civil Servants got good pensions. That job was probably the most boring job I ever had in my life – I only put up with it for 2 years because I had no choice in the matter- in those days parents had a major say in their children’s lives until they moved out of the family home.
Retirement was looked upon as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. People actually looked forward to it.
Nowadays so many people are prolonging their working life because they can’t afford to retire. Luckily there is a solution to this problem and you will find it further down this page

2 Motivational Kardashian’s Secrets Videos

Like thousands of others, I really enjoy watching ” the Kardashians”. I think it takes a lot of courage to open your private life to the general public. I admire their work ethic, although I wonder whether they would maybe prefer the “laptop lifestyle” if they got a taste of it because I have no doubt that whatever type of business they decided to get involved in they would be mega-successful

Lesson I Learned From Leaders

To be really successful in Internet Marketing you need to become a leader. Are you wondering if leadership is a skill that can be learned or if leaders are born not made? Let’s dive a little deeper into this subject and see what we can learn from those have already proved their leadership skills. There are plenty of examples, so maybe a good place to start would be with the millionaires.

Wealthy Retirement Quotes

There’s a new retirement mindset gaining momentum. It’s not about sitting in the corner, it.s not about making do – it’s about making more money and helping more people to do the same.
It’s about realizing that if you are not prepared to sit back and let life beyond retirement eliminate your ambition, your confidence and your joie de vivre, you can truly make it the most productive time in your life.

2 Timeless Repetitive Actions That Lead To Success Quotes

I find it amazing that words written or spoken many years ago still apply even though the people who said those things might be completely amazed by our modern world.. What we repeatedly do still governs our lives as much now as it did in ancient times.

2 Essential Tools To Build A List

Every marketer needs to build a list. So whether you are a complete beginner or well on your way to becoming a superstar you want to have a list building software that you can just set it and forget it.
That’s not to say that you won’t be continually adding new campaigns and follow up messages to brand both you and your business. Ofcourse taking action on these 2 parts of your marketing strategy are necessary to groow your business.
Not only can you schedule your messages to go out at the most effective times but you can also create many types of web forms including optin forms,light boxes and lead magnets. These enable your prospects to get the latest updates on your offers and newsletter, as well as guides etc.

Grandchildren Rock

This weekend I had one of my websites defaced. I was very relieved to find that the support team where it was hosted got the problem sorted in a short time.
My pleasure was short lived when I woke up yesterday to find that it had been hacked and even though I removed all my plugins and themes the website was still down. I had to back up all my posts so I wasn’t feeling too happy.

Then lo and behold I got a phone call with some happy family news and I realized that the hacking incident was nothing more than a bleep.
A few minutes later, I got another message from support and they were able to sort out the website and get it back on line.

My roller coaster weekend taught me a good lesson about keeping themes and plugins updated. I didn’t realize that if you don’t you make it easier for the hackers to access your website. So now I am passing the message on and hoping it will save somebody else the hassle.
The second lesson was just a reminder about how differnt my life is now that I have a family.

How Winners Of The Boat Race Has Enlightening My Life

I watched the later stages of the Oxford Cambridge men’s boat race and the interviews with members of the winning team. It was a historic day since it was the first time that the Oxford and Cambridge Women’s Team had been allowed to compete on the same stretch of river.
It was a lovely day and there were more spectators than ever.
I must admit that what really stood out for me was a comment from one of the Oxford rowers when asked how they had managed to succeed once again. I think that it was not only very interesting but it could be very important for all of us who set goals.

5 Tips to Take Great Kid’s photos

Whether you are a mom, a dad, a grandma, grandpa, aunt or uncle -it’s lovely to have photos of the kids in your family for yourself and future generations.
If you are going to take these photos -use this hack to make them even better.

2 Informative Make Money Online Videos

Do you watch training videos. I have made it a daily habit to watch at least one training video. I have learnt a lot from this one strategy. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time e.g. this training only lasts for less than 15 minutes.
I prefer the step by step trainings that show the practical steps which if followed will increase your sales or conversions. When you find a helpful video don’t forget to subscribe to the marketer’s videos by pressing the subscribe button below ever video. Hope you find this useful.

Lessons Learnt From Past Relationships

Whenever you look back on past relationships whether they ended in heartbreak and bitterness or you just drifted apart there is always something good to remember about them.
Everyone has special skills, special gifts and we all possess some knowledge that is useful to someone else. So it’s always good to remember what you learnt from them.

2 Cool Tools For Infographic Creators

Images increase traffic and infographics which are blurred increase curiosity. You can get infographics created for you on fiverr but if you are in a hurry to complete a post you can create your own with these free tools.

This is gorgeous!

Here’s another blog post I didn’t have to write thanks to the magic of Blo.gl: http://blogl.me/4495 This is gorgeous! #horses #interiordesign #want  Hilary Bassakaropoulos Posted on Facebook Blogged by Blo.gl Indexed in Google In the time it took you to read this blog post, you can sign up for free and receive $10 here: http://www.dubli.com/T0US1988O

2 Photos Hacks That Can Make Better Photos

We use so many photos and graphics in marketing nowadays that it’s always useful to get a few more tips about photography. So many people have mobile phones nowadays that taking photos has become so much more popular. We can also use them on instagram and for quotes and branding.

2 Awesome Success Quotes

These are quotes that I resonate with completely. I used to worry about being different and more than a little bit crazy until I realized that many very successful people are crazy too.
I saw my mum for the first time 3 days before her hundredth birthday and met her soon after that. Once we got talking I realized that for the first time in my life, I was with someone who was crazy enough to be on the same wavelength and actually understood my crazy thoughts.
We spent a whole year together sharing our craziness – it was amazing.

2 Happy Retirement Quotes

You can choose when you are going to retire – you don’t have to wait for the government or your employer to tell you when it’s time to do so.
If you are a have already retired there’s no reason why retirement should mean downsizing and downgrading your life. It’s the time to fulfil all your ambitions – not give up on them.. The internet has presented you with a host of opportunities that are just waiting for you to grab them.

2 Unbeatable Tools To Make More Money

I am sharing these tool because everyone can use them and they will definitely work for you. You don’t need technical skills. They are available 24/7 and if you follow the instructions they will do whatever it is you want them to do. Sounds too good to be true – doesn’t it? Oh and and I forgot to mention the first one is absolutely 100% free.

2 Tracking 2 Websites About How To Track Your Stats

Tracking your stats is a very important part of internet marketing that is sometimes overlooked. When stats are not monitored a lot of time and money is wasted by sending either the wrong content or the right content to the wrong audience.
These are a couple of websites that can be used to track effectively and by doing so your results will improve dramatically/

2 Entrepreneurial Books About Turning Passion Into Profit

Both of these books have the potential to turn your life around if you implement the advice within them. The first book is my latest purchase and the second one is one of those books that I have read once and more or less forgotten about. I am very excited about both books and would strongly recommend that you read them at least twice.

How Meeting My Mother For The First Time Has Transformed My Life

This was a meeting that was to change my life completely. I met my mother for the first time at her home in Dublin. She was a mother that no-one could have dreamed up in their wildest imagination. She was an artist and a free spirit and she looked about 70 years old. She had the body of a fifty year old woman and not a wrinkle and yet she was 100 years old. She cooked me a delicious meal and we talked non stop for 7 hours about our travels and the lives that we had not shared.

2 Enjoyable Positivity Quotes

This morning I noticed the first daffodils and crocuses in my garden. A couple of dsys ago my two Jack Russells were “sunbathing”. The sunshine didn’t last for long but it was enough to inject that joyful feeling that first signs of Spring can bring. That alls right with the world feeling spills over on to everything including my blogs hopefully.

2 Effective Tools To Get Ranked In Google

What are the best keyword tools? This is a question that is not often asked but it can make such a difference to your results. If you want to rank in Google – and who doesn’t? – you need to give yourself the best possible chance by knowing what’s the best keyword research too.
I use both paid and free keyword tools in my research and since I began to pay more attention to this part of my marketing I am getting more eyes on my content.

2 Enlightening Books About Wealth

The middle classes work for money but the rich make money work for them. There are many highly educated people who are clueless about how to build wealth and gain financial freedom.
Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump have done much to enlighten as many people as possible about these subjects.

How To Monetize Your Website While Providing Maximum Value

Many Blogggers are putting a lot of time and effort into their blogs without getting the results that they want and need to create a successful business on the internet.
With a little more research, a clear intention and a little extra effort their results can be dramatically improved in some cases if not all.

1 Lesson I Learned From My Mother

I would love to share this with my Empower Network team because it is the proof that miracles do happen if you are determined and persistent. You really do have to do whatever it takes to live your dream. I lived my dream for almost 4 years and I am still living it in my mind.
After searching for 40 years I found my mother 3 days before her hundredth birthday. She was an incredibly awesome person who could not have been dreamed up in anyone’s wildest imagination. She was an artist and a free spirit and she lived until she was almost 104 years old.
I was so fortunate to be able to spend the last year of her life living with her in her home in Dublin.
She was a highly intelligent woman whose main ambition – yes she still had ambitions at 103 years young – was to be more famous than Einstein. I learnt many lessons from her in that short time – lessons which changed my life and my mindset in many ways. Here are some of them

2 Cool Tools To Promote Your Brand

Building your brand doesn’t need to be expensive. You can pay someone to make your logos, graphics and videos or you can use these tools.
Both tools are easy to use – no technical or artistic skills required. The first one is free and creates great text. The second one creates professional looking videos at a fraction of the normal price and you can also sell them if you wish.

Discover The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Have you had times in your life when you lacked the confidence to follow your dreams? Maybe you are finding it difficult to have self-belief. I know I have, but rather than beat ourselves up about the missed opportunities, let’s just make up for lost time with Les Brown. Watch this video, and Les, one … Read more

How to Make Money Like a Guru

Wondering how Michael Angelo Lopez has earned over $900 dollars in the last year?
He has been successful on the internet for the past 5 years and he is consistently recruiting more people than anyone else in his business.. He comes with a warning – he’s the kind of guy that you either like or you don’t. Whether you like him or not if you follow his advice you will learn how to shorten your learning curve.

Lesson I Learned From 2 Lessons I Learned From Armand Morin

I bought an Armand Morin course at the first Internet Marketing event that I attended in London. It was packed with information and advice from him and videos of other marketers who were at his Big Events. That’s when I was really pulled into this amazing world of gurus and newbies and blogs and all the rest of it.
Although there was oodles of info a couple of things that he said (more than once) caught my attention. These were the lessons that he taught me and I am sure that if you follow them it will change your marketing and your business.

2 Time Saving Tools For Creating Quality Content

The right tools can save you time and give you the edge over your competitors. I am sharing a couple here that I use myself on a regular basis. The good news is that the first one is absolutely 100% free and you can download it right away.

3 Thought Provoking Success Quotes

I would like to share this post especially with people who think that they may not have enough resources to be able to follow their dream. If you think that you can’t really afford to get “all in ” because of your current financial circumstances give that some more thought. People usually manage to come up with the money they need for something they really want badly. What’s needed is resourcefulness – ask any kid who wants ice cream what’s the best way to getting it. A decision,persuasian,a little bit of charm. the willingness to offer a small service like feeding the cat or just sheer determination and tenacity. So if a child can be that resourceful you can too

5 Lessons Learned From Mike Hobbs

I am sharing these items today because I have a tremendous debt of gratitude to Mike Hobbs who has given so freely of his time and his knowledge to me and all the members of the Empower Network and especially to the Prosperity Team.
The number of lessons that he has taught me are far too numerous to mention. He is someone who practices what he preaches and he is well on his way to becoming one of the most popular millionaires in Empower Network. He is already number 1 trainer in my book.

How To Become An Expert In Your Field Hacks That Can You Will Become A Master In Your Niche

Wondering how to become an expert in your field and have lots of followers on your website and your social media sites? I am going to share a few tips straight from the horse’s mouth. They worked for me and they can work for YOU too.

Selling Your House Hacks That Can Less Work, More Profit

Often when people decide to sell their house, they make some iimprovements to add value to the house before putting it on the market. Sometimes this is a good idea – things like getting rid of pet odours and freshening up the paintwork can make the house a lot more enticing to potential buyers. Before you go rushing out to add a new conservatory or landscape the garden make sure that the improvements that you think would increase the value of the property don’t just take extra cash out of your pocket.
Once your house is sold you can plan to live smarter by downsizing.