4 Reasons You May Be Struggling With Your Blog

How To Make A Blog Every business needs a blog and everyone who wants to earn money on the internet should have one too.  If you think of your blog as your home on the internet it will give you more ideas about what to write about.  When you invite your friends to your house what […]

2 Wealth Hacks That Can Help Create a Rich Lifestyle

If your goal is to get rich as soon as possible, then now is the time to start making it happen. You can visualize what a wealthy lifestyle looks like for you. You can figure out your niche, find some proven strategies, model someone who has already succeeding in that niche and just get your head down and work like mad until you achieve your goal.
In the meantime here are some tips that might just help you to get there a little bit faster.

2 10 X- Ing New Technology Videos

People often shy away from new technology and that’s great for you – but only if you embrace it. You have a much better chance of success when you get in at the beginning. When some of the top marketers start using a new technology, they are going to be just as uncomfortable using it as you are (not mentioning any names of course)..
So remember that, unlike them, you have nothing to lose and everything to lose. Some of them use their lists to create a following but that can be a shaky strategy them for them in the beginning.because their credibility is one of the keys to their success.
So what can you do to take advantage of this opportunity?
1 Bite the bullet and get started right away
2 Spend a week studying the new technology in depth
3 Watch what the marketers who are already getting results are doing – pay particular attention to the ones in your niche
4 Create a product or an awesome Giveaway to turn your new followers into leads
5 Just Do It
6 Blog about it and share on social media

2 Rich Retirement Quotes

As a teenager I was encouraged to join the Civil Service mainly because of the fact that Civil Servants got good pensions. That job was probably the most boring job I ever had in my life – I only put up with it for 2 years because I had no choice in the matter- in those days parents had a major say in their children’s lives until they moved out of the family home.
Retirement was looked upon as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. People actually looked forward to it.
Nowadays so many people are prolonging their working life because they can’t afford to retire. Luckily there is a solution to this problem and you will find it further down this page

2 Motivational Kardashian’s Secrets Videos

Like thousands of others, I really enjoy watching ” the Kardashians”. I think it takes a lot of courage to open your private life to the general public. I admire their work ethic, although I wonder whether they would maybe prefer the “laptop lifestyle” if they got a taste of it because I have no doubt that whatever type of business they decided to get involved in they would be mega-successful

An Artist and Free Spirit

The first time I spoke to the artist and free spirit Molly McIlree on the phone she was very dismissive if not rude.  She told me that I was a wicked young woman disrupting an old lady’s life.  I was 59 years “young” at the time and she was 100 years old. I had already […]

Lesson I Learned From Leaders

To be really successful in Internet Marketing you need to become a leader. Are you wondering if leadership is a skill that can be learned or if leaders are born not made? Let’s dive a little deeper into this subject and see what we can learn from those have already proved their leadership skills. There are plenty of examples, so maybe a good place to start would be with the millionaires.

2 Speeding Up Your Computer Hacks

There are so many cool plug-ins and extensions available now that it is tempting to add more and more until your computer either slows up or gives up. Here are a couple of hacks to help you figure out the solution.

Wealthy Retirement Quotes

There’s a new retirement mindset gaining momentum. It’s not about sitting in the corner, it.s not about making do – it’s about making more money and helping more people to do the same.
It’s about realizing that if you are not prepared to sit back and let life beyond retirement eliminate your ambition, your confidence and your joie de vivre, you can truly make it the most productive time in your life.

2 Timeless Repetitive Actions That Lead To Success Quotes

I find it amazing that words written or spoken many years ago still apply even though the people who said those things might be completely amazed by our modern world.. What we repeatedly do still governs our lives as much now as it did in ancient times.