Set A Ridiculous Goal

Setting a ridiculous goal may seem stupid to you but if I tell you this was suggested by one of my mentors, a guy who set the ridiculous goal of creating  a multi million dollar company when he didn’t even have a website or a merchant account.

He set an intention for everything he did – every blog, every video, every webinar and every project.  I suggest that you do the same.  When you set your intention, put a date to it.   if it is an income goal put a number on it and work out what your daily output needs to be to achieve it.

If you want to earn $30k a month -that’s $1k a day.  How many sales do you need to make to achieve this income, how much traffic, how many leads?  Figure this out and then take action.

This strategy is known as reverse engineering. Decide to implement it and you will probably find yourself and your business slipping into top gear within months rather than years.

Once you have set your goal you need to find the very best way to get started otherwise you will waste a lot of time unnecessarily.  If your goal is to start an online business or create a presence online for your existing business then this is the best route you can take towards that goal.

How To Accomplish Your Goals


How To Accomplish Your Goals

  • Think about what you want – every goal originates as a thought, a desire
  • Make sure it’s a goal that is important to you and resonates with your values
  • Really Want It – desire is what motivates you to achieve it
  • Know your Why – clarity is essential
  • Write it down – Make a goal card and put your goal on your mobile screen/laptop screen
  • Be specific – include every little detail!
  • Visualize achieving it in detail -a picture paints a thousand words
  • Set your intention – make it a firm one
  • Believe that it is possible -If your belief system matched your goal you would have already done it
  • Your belief systems will transform as you take massive action
  • Get some support – remember that no man is an island
  • Make a plan
  • Create a process -chunk it
  • Have  a timescale – A deadline that is not written in stone
  • Get Laser Focused on your goal – think about it first thing in the morning,last thing at night and many        times in between
  • Take immediate and daily massive consistent Action
  • Be unshakeable -never quit

When your thoughts and actions are in alignment – that is when the magic happens

Now that you have got your goal, how does it look, feel, smell,  taste, sound like?

What have you learnt while achieving your goal? – Tell the world and teach others how they can achieve their goals.  If one of your goals is to learn internet marketing or affiliate marketing this is

the place to find everything you need to do that with a step by step approach,

That’s it really.  Ready for Goal Number 2?

7 Steps Strategy To Success

 7 Step Strategy 

My lucky number is 7 – at least that is what I have always believed and I have never had any reason to think otherwise.

Today I would like to make it your lucky number too by giving you my 7 day -7 steps to success strategy

Step 1 Change your mindset in 7 ways – Start thinking differently about 7 of your limiting beliefs(we all have them) and change them to 7 empowering beliefs

Step 2 Have 7 completely New Goals which have been made possible by your new empowering beliefs

Step 3 Write down 7 reasons why you want to achieve these goals – Close your eyes and see them, feel them. touch them 

Step 4 Make 7 lead-boxes and save them for step 5

Step 5 Make 7 different opt-in pages and add your lead-boxes to them

Step 6 Write a blog about each goal and attach your optin – box to it

Step 7 Send each blog to 7 different places e.g. Facebook,Your Website,Tsu,Ibo-toolbox,your email list.Google+ and Pinterest

That’s it! Do this for 7 days per week until you reach each goal and then 7 will be your lucky number too.

Oh  I forgot to mention you can get a 7 day trial of this revolutionary done for you system for yes you’ve guessed it only $7


Learn A New Skill in 20 Hours

 I think this is a great time of the year to start getting yourself ready for the changes that you want to see in your life in the new year.  Today is the shortest day so there are still quite a lot of dark evenings when you can learn new skills instead of sitting in front of the box.  Ask yourself what you would like to learn and make the preparations for that now.  You may need to set up an office or a studio in your home or just buy a few books or dvds.  Whatever you need to do to get started in a way that is comfortable for you -do it now. 

If you would like to improve your finances take a look at this and you will find the way to learn the skills of internet marketing in the comfort of your own home.  No need to go to evening classes and it will cost you less and give you lifechanging skills.  Just click here to find out more


So many of the top internet marketer have gone through a ninety day period that changed their lives It happened to Eric Worre 3 times -once in 1992 when he earned $980k, secondly in 1994-1995 hard core serious push created a company that went from zero to $45 million, third time in 2005 June, July August and earned $7million dollars.  

This works because your intensity will give you altitude.  It will force you to  be lazer focused.  When people see that they become more engaged and gain strength and enthusiasm for each other

People are attracted to intensity and passion – stop crawling and start running.  When you decide you are sick and tired of being sick and tired – that’s the time to 

do a ninety day game plan.  Become unreasonable , unstoppable, determined and persistant.


Positivity – That’s The Name of The Game

Marketer in a Million – who could that be? Well in my book it’s David Wood. He really could sell snow to the eskimos but unlike most of the marketers he is keen to share his marketing knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. He calls the people who give you hassle and try to discourage you as “negatrons”. Sometimes it’s not easy to step back from the criticism and focus on your goals. That’s why you must have those goals deeply embedded in your mind, your heart and into your daily routine.

We all know the biggest breakthroughs come after failures, it’s been proved time and time again. We know that we gotta keep on moving on in spite of the critics. Don’t know about you, but I find that when people try to put me down, it only makes me more determined. Take yesterday for example, I found out that I had made more money in one hour on the internet than I had made in the last year. I was so excited about that but before I could share my good news, I was bombarded with negativity. Who is the loser? I know it’s not me. Maybe I could have been diverted from my path the day before yesterday but not any more. My breakthrough has come and nobody can take that away from me with words or anything else. So listen to the words of this song and sing along.

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How Does Your Garden Grow

I have recently bought a distressed bungalow with a garden to match. I decided to get started on the garden today with two goals in mind. The first was to clear all the weeds, trim the shrubs and the hedges, cut the lawn, clear the paths and return it to it’s former glory from years gone by. That was goal number one. As I stood there weeding I looked around the garden and thought how lovely it is in spite of all the chaos. I bought it with vacant possession so I was surprised to hear that I had tenants on the premises but no rent forthcoming. I needn’t have worried the family consists of a mother hedgehog and her six little babies. Life is so amazing, there is always something new around the corner, almost each and every day. Yesterday a red admiral butterfly had become trapped in my kitchen. I helped it escape and I was rewarded by seeing it on a further six occasions although it was the first butterfly I had seen this year and it wasn’t the red car syndrome. Goal number two is to make it even better than it was. Problem is I am not a very knowledgeable gardener – don’t know the names of many of the flowers and plants. The good news is I am willing to learn and interested enough to make it my business to find out.

I had intended to write but since it is such a lovely day I decided to spend some time outdoors. My conscience took me back to Empower Network and the posts that I should be writing. Could I compare my garden to internet marketing? – perhaps killing two birds with one stone(pardon the pun). I believe there is a link with almost everything in the universe. My internet marketing strategy was as chaotic as my garden. I had the same good intentions with both. Information overload is the biggest weed in my internet garden and I am not very keen on weed-killers. Surely there must be a solution. I already have it right in front of me “Empower Network”. I can forget about the information overload and all the other B.S.. Just follow the instructions on the EN blog and the chaos is gone as if by magic. I can drift of to San Diego in my mind since most of the hard work has already been done for me by the two Daves and the Empower Team. The beauty of the Empower System is that it works for everyone, experts, beginners and everyone in between. You can spend as much or as little time on it as you wish as long as you do your daily blog. What could be simpler and it’s only $25 to get started. You can start right away and the profits that people are making are incredible. Empower Network has shot up the internet marketing charts. Go to Alexa and check it out for yourself. Don’t waste another minute, click the button and get started now.

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