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How To Learn Internet Marketing

Perhaps the most obvious way to get started internet marketing is to find a mentor.  It’s always a good idea to learn from someone who has already experienced the ups and downs involved.  It is rarely a smooth ride except for a very small percentage of successful online marketers.  However you may not feel ready or able to invest in coaching fees until you have at least dipped your toes in the online marketing world.

You could try the do it yourself approach:

  • Find your passion
  • Search out the keywords on the Google Keyword  Tool that are low competition and then use these in your marketing materials  e.g. emails and blogs
  • Learn to Blog and then make at least 100 blogs
  • Learn Copy Writing Skills or pay someone else to write for you
  • Learn to make videos and make them on a consistent basis
  • Learn to make capture pages and sales pages and add them to your business
  • Check out the blog posts, emails and capture pages of the top marketers and try to analyse them so that you too can succeed
  • Create content for your social media Posts

The list goes on and on and on and then ……………………

When you have done all this start putting these new skills into action.

You can spend weeks and months and even years trying to learn the strategies, trying to hone your internet marketing skills.  Have you ever asked yourself if all this is really necessary?

Well it all sounds very logical and lots of us have done it and been overwhelmed and ready to give up in despair.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could find a way to become an internet marketer from day one without all this preparation?  Months of learning without earning may be what pushes the dedicated among us to keep on trying for the results that we know are possible.  It’s not an ideal situation and most people aren’t prepared to continue with something that doesn’t seem to be producing the desired results.  The question is would the remaining  90% of would be marketers quit if they knew that could have great results for their efforts and persistence?

What is The Best Solution?

I remember a millionaire telling me that when he learnt at school that there were 12 pennies in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound – that was all he needed to know.  Now I am going to tell you all you need to know today – just click this link to   Get Started in Internet Marketing

So  (even if you are completely fed up and still broke by this stage), put your shoulders back, take a few deep breathes, smile and read on.

There is a community which will

  • Provide you with top quality training – second to none
  • Teach you how to become an affiliate marketer
  •  Motivate you by seeing the results that are possible and make it possible for you to earn while you learn.
  • Some of the top earners are taken on an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas
  • You can become a free member for as long as you wish

So what do YOU need to do?  Forget about all the things that you have been led to believe are essential for success on the internet.  It couldn’t be simpler if you follow the step by step training that you can do at your own pace..  The members who have done this consistently  have surprised even themselves with their results.

So what is this magical company? Who are it’s founders? What can it do for YOU?  How much does it cost?    No gimmicks, no catches, no hidden agendas.

Click Here to find out more  That’s all you need to do right now

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Ninja Nugget 8#

Most sales people lack a certain amount of confidence in their sales skills.  The top ones have overcome this mainly by the fact that each successful close creates more confidence.  There is no doubt that there are sales people with “the gift of the gab” as we call it in here in Ireland.

These silver tongued salesmen seem to have been born with this skill but it can also be learned.  Many studies have been done to try and find the reason why some of them can “sell snow to the eskimos” and it has been discovered that they use “magic words and phrases” that seem to put people into a buying trance.

Apart from getting these master sellers to train the rest of their team, there is another way to improve the selling skills of those who are less gifted.  This is by using sales scripts.  Some companies keep their sales scripts under lock and key, but if you know the right answers to your prospects’ questions and objections you are much more likely to close the sale.  You can prepare scripts yourself and practice them so that you won’t be lost for words when you are with a prospect.

If you would like some guidance on this and many other marketing skills, as well as free training on how to brand yourself and promote your business, all you need to do is find out more here right now!

The Million Dollar Question

Wakening Up To a Better Way

When I was a teenager, I knew that the only thing I wanted to do was to own a riding school. I had managed, with much persistence combined with a lot of saving, weeping and wailing to persuade my parents to buy me a pony.

This led me to a “job” working in the riding school to pay for my pony’s keep. This turned out to be much more than a job because the woman who owned the riding school had become more interested in her fiance’s groom than in the business. Instead of training me as we had arranged, she left me to manage the very busy riding school with the help of a few local teenagers.

My duties included taking care of 35 horses, taking people for hacks and teaching both learners and more advanced pupils to ride. I really enjoyed doing this and I was looking forward to doing all the exams and eventually getting my own riding school. The amazing thing was that I was only 15 years old at the time.

Looking back I realize just how crazy it was to be running a business at that age but at the time I just took it in my stride. The owner eloped with the groom a couple of months before she was due to get married. The riding school had been built on her fiance’s father’s land so that was the end of my dream job.  That was when I should have learnt my first lesson in life.

**You can’t depend on other people to care about your dreams.  They may help you en route but basically your success in life is down to you and you alone.

After that my parents insisted that I join the civil service and I spent the next 3 years of my life in the most boring job in Pensions Branch.  I know that “secure” jobs like that often become comfort zones but not for me.

I saved my wages and used the money to go back to college.  My grades were good enough to be offered a place at teacher’s training college and I looked forward to that.  In the meantime my cousin arrived from his home in Kenya and told me I could get a well paid job there without a teacher’s training qualification.

Pity I hadn’t taken that first lesson on board, otherwise perhaps I would have thought twice about going to Nairobi to teach English.  I spent 6 months there but was unable to get a work visa.

After that I worked in various “comfort zone” jobs for years until I married. My husband and I opened a Greek restaurant.  It exceeded our expectations to such an extent that my husband acquired a second one and I was left with the original one.

That was the beginning of the end of our marriage and I ended up once again running a business due to circumstances.  I managed to keep it going on a shoestring budget for another 5 years.  Being a one parent family and running a restaurant was something of a juggling act and not something I would recommend but sometimes we do what we feel we have to do at the time and figure out why it may not have been such a good idea later.  I was living someone else’s dream – not mine.

**You can’t depend on other people to care about your dreams

Although I could never be happy working at a J.O.B. it was back to the cubicle again when I started working in financial services.  It was a 5 minute walk from my home and the work was very undemanding and I was encouraged to play around with the company website and various databases.  It would have been another dead end job if I hadn’t decided yet again to return to studying.  I bought the mortgage adviser’s course which enabled me to complete the necessary exams and start my own mortgage business.

Perhaps you too are tired of working as an employee living from pay cheque to pay cheque with little hope of achieving financial freedom and even less of achieving the freedom lifestyle that so many successful internet marketers enjoy.

You could do as I did and then use the internet to promote it.  Like most businesses it requires a lot of time and effort to get it set up – or –  you could choose to join a company that provides you with all the training that you need to be successful.

I managed to escape the treadmill by opening my own mortgage brokerage which was going very well until something happened to turn my life upside down!

I found my real mother 3 days before her hundredth birthday. She lived until she was almost 104 years old. A year before she died she had a fall which resulted in her becoming bedridden. So I left my partner, my home and my mortgage business to go and live with her in Dublin for the last year of her life.

A few years before I found her, my son had  invited me to an internet marketing event it London.  That’s when I realised that there is a better way to create a lifestyle which includes  the good stuff – passive income, financial freedom and best of all time freedom.  So while my mother was napping, instead of thinking of all the things I was missing, I was busy learning more and more about the fascinating topic of Internet Marketing,

Now don’t get me wrong – Its not every one’s “cup of tea”.  Online marketing is not a get rich fast scheme and it certainly isn’t the easy option.   Sometimes that is the way it’s presented by those who are trying to make a quick buck.

The truth is you have to be 100% committed,  You are either “all in” or “all out”.  You have to be prepared to become immersed in it -putting a lot of time and effort into it    You have to treat it like a real business if you want to reap the rewards. especially in the beginning.

 That is the very shortened version of where I was before I had my mind opened to the limitless possibilities online marketing presents, not only to me but to anyone who really has the belief, the desire and the determination to make more money and wants to change their life sooner rather than later no matter what it takes.

Have you got that level of commitment or are you just looking for the easy option?  That is the million dollar question!

If you have any queries about anything I have mentioned on this post or any of my other posts. @hilarybassak is my Twitter handle or you can email me at:

Whether you would like to find out more or you are already committed to getting started or if you haven’t got a website yet you need to check this out

How to Find a Niche


  • It’s often said that people should not start a business unless they are passionate about it. Although this may be the ideal situation it is not always practical or advisable in the online business.

If your end goal is the financial freedom then you need to start out with the end in mind.

Here are some steps that will help you find a profitable niche:

  • Go to Google Trends and check whether your niche is increasing in popularity or declining.  If it’s declining then you need to find another niche or perhaps a sub- niche
  • Go to this keyword tool which will give you a very large selection of keywords that are being searched in Google,Bing,Yahoo,EBay, Amazon and YouTube
  • Copy and paste these keywords into the Google Keyword Planner
  • Get a very clear picture in your mind of your perfect customer and ask yourself what questions  they want to be answered in order to  ease their pain, end their struggle or get rid of their frustrations.  Find long tailed keywords that relate to this.
  • Check how many searches there are for these keywords and choose the ones between 1000 and 3000
  • Some marketers prefer to go for low competition keywords that are easier to rank for while others are not deterred by the medium or high competition ones
  • Bear in mind that you are seeking buyers not viewers – so consider what questions people who are ready to make a decision to buy would be asking.
  • The time that you spend researching your niche will be worthwhile

If you are still baffled about what niche to choose –  pick one about health, wealth,relationships (including love and dating) and spirituality because these are the most popular and most lucrative ones.  Choosing the right niche and the right target market is the best foundation for a successful business.

How To Get Started in Online Marketing

 How To Get Started in Online Marketing

If you know someone who wants to get started in online marketing but they are either broke at the moment or completely lacking in confidence or afraid to risk their hard earned cash – here is an easy option for them to get started in online marketing. 

They can join for free with a couple of free websites and lots of step by step instructions and trainings.  It’s an easy option for getting started as a blogger or marketer and is especially good for those who just want to dip their feet in the water (even though that is not necessarily the ideal attitude to start any business.

You can check out my review about it  here  



How To Get Started in Internet Marketing

Magic Ninja Nuggets 1#

Many of the world’s most successful people use OBT outcome based thinking.  They are able to visualize clearly the outcome of any persuasion process before they even start it.  Although some people have a flair for selling and seem to do it effortlessly others can greatly improve their marketing skills by using techniques such as OBT to greatly increase their chance of a successful outcome.  If you would like to market on-line but believe that you do not have the necessary skills or confidence to do so – think again.  

If you are prepared to put the effort into learning more about OBT and other ways of earning an income on-line then click this link right now and you can access a wealth of training  within minutes