Set A Ridiculous Goal

Setting a ridiculous goal may seem stupid to you but if I tell you this was suggested by one of my mentors, a guy who set the ridiculous goal of creating  a multi million dollar company when he didn’t even have a website or a merchant account. He set an intention for everything he did […]

Don’t You Wish Your Marketing Was Hot Like Mine – Don’t You?

; Joking of course, but this morning I came across an irresistible piece of marketing No I’m not gonna tell you who the marketer was or you would probably shoot straight over to his blog or his FaceBook page lol. It really set me thinking and I just had to ask myself this question.Why should anyone choose to […]

What Is Periscope?

What Is Periscope? Wondering whether it’s worthwhile joining Periscope or not? Will it grow your business and get you more leads and sales?  The answer is a very big yes to both these questions and the good news is that it can do this from your very first scope. There are a number of ways […]

How To Impact Someone’s Life

All our lives have been impacted by more than one person. Have you ever taken the time to consider who made the major impacts in your life and why they were able to do that?
This post may help you to clarify those thoughts and to make the best use of them on your path to success.

Lesson I Learned From A Ted Talk By Simon Sinek

You may get a light bulb moment while you watch this video. That is why I am sharing it with you. Perhaps you have spent hours, months and even years honing your skills, learning about your business, finding a targeted market and yet you know there is something missing. Something that is dragging you off course and pulling you down in spite of all your efforts. You are not alone but it doesn’t have to be like that.

How To Create Awesome Images Even If You Are A Newbie

I have got lists of free software for creating images but I find myself going back to picmonkey time and time again mainly because I find it so easy to use to make images and share them. It has a lot of cool features. You can upload photos from your computer and from facebook. As […]