How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

What I Love About Internet Marketing Have you noticed something lately about online Marketers?  It’s something very cool and exciting and it’s building momentum at a rapid pace. Most of the marketers that I surround myself with are placing their focus on providing value, mindset, personal development and  personal branding.  The consistency of this new … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Internet Marketing

The Pros and Cons of Online Marketing Internet marketing has been encouraged by many and maligned by even more especially those whose spouses spend most of their waking hours on the internet: More and more business owners  have realised that on-line marketing is no longer optional if they want to compete on a level playing … Read more

What’s So Hard About Marketing Online?

Iva – my daughter-in-law told me that when she came to my home for the first time she was amazed by the number of books I had and also the fact that so many of them were about self development. My books tell the story of my life – most of my books are about the interests and passions that I have had over the years. I treasure them and when I found my mother three days before her hundredth birthday I discovered that she also had a large collection of books which I inherited from her. They also tell a story of the years that we were apart and I hope that my young grandsons will also treasure our books and learn as much or even more than we did from them.
During the last year of her life (she lived until she was almost 104 years old) I wrote the story of my life before I met her and the events that led up to our miraculous reunion. I read the book to her and it helped her to find out more about who I was and make up for the years we had missed each other. So now I can really say that my life is an open book.

Mindset and reading are a very important part of the eight core commitments that we are all expected to follow in my opportunity but that is not what this blog is about..