Your Head Start

People often shy away from new technology and that’s great for you – but only if you embrace it. You have a much better chance of success when you get in at the beginning. When some of the top marketers start using a new technology, they are going to be just as uncomfortable using it as you are (not mentioning any names of course)..
So remember that, unlike them, you have nothing to lose and everything to lose. Some of them use their lists to create a following but that can be a shaky strategy them for them in the beginning.because their credibility is one of the keys to their success.
So what can you do to take advantage of this opportunity?
1 Bite the bullet and get started right away
2 Spend a week studying the new technology in depth
3 Watch what the marketers who are already getting results are doing – pay particular attention to the ones in your niche
4 Create a product or an awesome Giveaway to turn your new followers into leads
5 Just Do It
6 Blog about it and share on social media

Do You Struggle with books? Solution Revealed In This Blog Post!

“It’s a wonder you don’t have a book about going to the toilet” – that’s what my ex-partner told me once.
It was because of my habit of buying a book about whatever interest me at the time.
Amazon Love Me.

Dave Wood was on a hangout last night and he mentioned that the top CEOs read a book a week whereas some people don’t even read a book a year.
He also said “The Amount of Stuff in Your Head Really Does Matter” and what better way to get “stuff” into your head than by reading?

I have an large library which is full of books on personal development and varous other subjects that have interested me over the years. They have served me well over the years.

Most of them are full of highlights and underlining. the pages of some are dog- eared and others have only been read once .

I believe that there is at least one nugget in every single book.

These books that I treasure and hope to pass on to my grandsons really tell my life story. In fact I also wrote one myself which describes my forty year search to find my mother. She too had a wonderful collection of books (mainly about art -she was an artist) which I inherited and she was still reading them when she was 102 years old!

Whenever I want to know about something I buy the best book I can find on the subject.

There was one very special subject that I never bothered to read about and that was marketing.

I told myself a long time ago that I was not good at selling and thought that being able to sell is a gift that you either have or have not.

So that limiting belief remained in my head for a lifetime – that is until I became a member of Empower Network.

After listening to many training videos and top earners I have realized that this is a skill that can be learnt – even if you are not “a born sales person”.

Now I believe that marketing should be a compulsory subject in school because it is the one thing that can transform your life.

Now I am making up for lost time by reading everything I can get my hands on about marketing which is a much more complicated subject than I imagined. Advertising, copywriting, sales techniques, closing, online marketing through blogging and videos and social media. It is mind boggling but it is stuff that matters

Reading books is very important but for marketers it is even more important to implement what you have read and teach it to others.

The implementation has been my Achilles heel up until recently but the new Kalatu blog has made doing this much easier.