Self Confidence

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

                                      SELF CONFIDENCE

This is one of my favourite self confidence quotes,  We really do need to find out how to gain  self belief before we can do those things that will change our lives.

When we were learning to ride a bicycle or swim we probably had  a family member or friend to give us those magic words of encouragement that spurred us on.

We need to find out  how to boost our self belief  if we want to succeed?   Most internet marketers find that their friends and family are sceptical about this profession. It is essential to have enough self confidence to get you through the struggle that you will almost certainly have when you are establishing your home business.

Believe you can fly and you will.  

Another way to gain confidence is to join a team of like-minded people and get training  at from those are successful even though they were once where you are now.  

Change Your Life With WA


How To Be Smart, Successful and Sexy

Ashton Kutcher is an actor who played the part of Steve Jobs in the movie.  His award speech is different.  Instead of just soaking up the admiration he has chosen to teach and inspire his audience.

You can be smarter than you think by joining my team – do it now!

Reframe Your Mind by Jonathan Budd

A warrior chooses their views and frames of the world.  REALITY IS MOULDABLE -it is how you perceive it to be.  We see the world through a lens and if we view the world as infinite possibility we can get rid of our “puny little identities

Once you understand this you can change your world and step into the challenges ahead of you.  The world is unfathomally better than you can imagine.  You don’t get that until you let go of everything you know.  Jonathan shows you how to approach your hurdles and get rid of   an “I can’t do it” mentality.  Go inside yourself and find the resourcefulness you need to become the person you need to become to accomplish the things that you want to achieve.

Everybody is looking for the way to get from point A to point B.  It is in the process of getting there that you get the qualities you need to step into your power, your possibilities.  Our challenges are an invitation from the universe to become who we want to be. Understand this and it will change your results. .


How Do You Get People To Follow Through?

 There are some factors that make breakthroughs possible.  One of the main ones is belief and this can lead people to take action or not.  Usually Massive Actions Create Massive Results.  Listen to this video a few times and you may find yourself closer to your breakthrough and ready to get on to the first step of your journey to success and freedom.  If you are ready to take that step just click here now

Ninja Nugget 7#

This video from this blog can be found at  It was created with YouCam and is apparently not an acceptable type to upload on this blog so I am taking the lazy option and directing you to it rather than making a new video.  The Ninja Nugget 7# is about authenticity and having the confidence to be yourself even if you do not yet feel competent enough to do videos and blogs. 

Positivity – That’s The Name of The Game

Marketer in a Million – who could that be? Well in my book it’s David Wood. He really could sell snow to the eskimos but unlike most of the marketers he is keen to share his marketing knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. He calls the people who give you hassle and try to discourage you as “negatrons”. Sometimes it’s not easy to step back from the criticism and focus on your goals. That’s why you must have those goals deeply embedded in your mind, your heart and into your daily routine.

We all know the biggest breakthroughs come after failures, it’s been proved time and time again. We know that we gotta keep on moving on in spite of the critics. Don’t know about you, but I find that when people try to put me down, it only makes me more determined. Take yesterday for example, I found out that I had made more money in one hour on the internet than I had made in the last year. I was so excited about that but before I could share my good news, I was bombarded with negativity. Who is the loser? I know it’s not me. Maybe I could have been diverted from my path the day before yesterday but not any more. My breakthrough has come and nobody can take that away from me with words or anything else. So listen to the words of this song and sing along.

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How To Get Rid Of The FEAR




Fear, embarrassment, lack of confidence, not ready yet mentality and poor marketing.  O.M.G. How can we possibly get over these things so that we can move on?

It’s not so much about getting over these things, it’s more about Getting Over Yourself – getting over the negative beliefs that have made you the person you are today.   So, don’t be a negatron.  It would be foolish to continue to let those crazy ideas running around in your mind push you away from the opportunity to be successful.  The Internet offers you that opportunity and the amazing thing is that it’s open to everybody whatever age even those who are completely non-tech.

You could earn some extra money to keep up with your bills or you could make more money than you ever dreamed possible in the shortest time you ever imagined.

It all depends how much time and effort and above all how much consistency you are willing to put into it.

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