Crushing It

Crushing It


I read this book which was recommended by Rob Fore.  Glad I did, it’s very motivational and full of great info.  Read this book with an open mind.


Are you trying to find the way to join the guys who are  Crushing It   The video below illustrates just what happens when you make the decision to live your dreams.  Dave Sharpe lifted himself from a place of low esteem and drug addiction to the height of success and he did it with commitment and determination.

It’s not just Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood who are crushing it.  Apart from the leaders who are earning mind- boggling amounts of money (over £100k per month), so many average guys are  earning incomes beyond their wildest dreams with Empower Network.    It all started with a vision and a mindset.  So work on your mindset first  – that’s very important.


Crushing It

Dave Wood recommends that you crush all the memories of your past.  The ones that involved your struggles and defeats.  You can conquer where you came from. but your past may be in your way.

Crushing It

If you let go of what you think you know, that’s when you will find the answer. Destroy excuses  Don’t let your ego get in the way of your bank account.

Crushing it 

Get a Vision if you want to live a life of freedom.  Work your butt off ,follow the system, get all in and go to the events.  That’s it in a nutshell – your blueprint for success.  Are you brave/wise enough to take the steps? – only you can decide.

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Crushing It

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