Don’t You Wish Your Marketing Was Hot Like Mine – Don’t You?


Joking of course, but this morning I came across an irresistible piece of marketing No I’m not gonna tell you who the marketer was or you would probably shoot straight over to his blog or his FaceBook page lol.

It really set me thinking and I just had to ask myself this question.Why should anyone choose to follow ME?

This awesome piece of attraction marketing started with a friend request on a very busy platform (not FaceBook).  He told me that he had some goodies over on FaceBook and that he would really like me to go over there and check them out. That certainly aroused my curiosity so I duly clicked the link.  That’s the point where I expected to be at least a little disappointed but I was wrong, so wrong.

It looked sooo professional.   First thing I saw was a “Welcome to his home on FaceBook” and a stunning video of this very cool guy  that had  been taken at an event.  It looked very professional and no doubt a lot of thought had gone into producing it.  I wasn’t the only one who was impressed – that was clear from the comments.

I just couldn’t wait to click on his link but that is when the disappointment set in.  I soon realised that I am already a member and so I can’t join his team.  I am not saying that I could replicate his marketing but what I do know is that I could put a lot more thought into mine.

I’ll be watching this guy from now on to remind myself that there are examples of what separates the 2% from they rest of us and why it’s worthwhile to  pay attention to what the best marketers are doing and learn from them on a daily basis.  That is going to be my a top priority from today.

What could you do to pull people to your link?  It’s worth taking some time to figure that out asap.  It’s so easy to get carried away with the “busyness” of online marketing  Maybe it’s time to start treating it more like a business and make sure we step back sometimes and check that the welcome mat and the red carpet are always at the fore-front of our marketing.

Now for the surprise!  Recently I was invited to a webinar which was my introduction to a cutting edge new technology which will pull people to a message of up to 40 words (nothing to do with Twitter).  The message can be a capture page, an announcement in fact whatever you want it to be.  You can change this message at will and it will reach about 50% of mobile phone users within a hundred yards radius of wherever you are.  It’s not spammy – it will come up on android phones which have bluetooth turned on.  It goes to the alerts section of the phone just like FB or Instagram messages do.  It remains on for about 30 minutes.

Imagine how many leads you could get if you took a trip to your local shopping mall or a football match or a marketing event – the mind boggles.  I am calling it a money magnet because I posted some affirmations on my Twitter account (@hilarybassak), my favourite one was “I am a money magnet” and now I have found the tool that makes this possible.

Just click here to learn more about this incredible breakthrough in marketing technology and the good news is that you can be one of the first to get it if you take action now.  I often end my posts and emails with the message “Hope This Helps” but in this case I feel certain that it will.


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