Dynasty in Your Living Room?

Dynasty is a word that conjures up different things to different people.


Who would come up with the idea of building a dynasty in your living room?

He’s magical -we all love him – who else could come up with that compelling piece of content?


David Wood -The Guru Slayer


Yes of course only Dave Wood could create such a delightful vision in our minds but you know that it’s not just a pipe dream he really means it.  He’s made it happen already.  If we follow his training and focus on what he tells us to do we really could  be building dynasties in our living rooms and on the beaches of the world.


Those of us who were in their teens and twenties born when Dynasty was at it’s peak of popularity watched in awe week after week as JR and Bobby struggled to gain ownership of Southfork.

That kind of wealth was beyond most people’s dreams, only a fantasy.  Now it has become a real possibility if we are prepared to put consistent effort into this company called Empower Network.

Yes – it really is within our reach to earn the kind of income that we didn’t dare to even contemplate.

Laurence Tam who was until recently holding down a full time job as an engineer is making well over £100k a month.  Many more are making a six or seven figure business a reality.

There’s no reason why you couldn’t be the next success story if you are prepared to blog every day for the next 90 days and share your blogs on social media and other groups.

It’s simple to do and does not require any skill set or previous experience.  This is a wonderful opportunity to be trained by top marketers while earning 100% commissions (check out the compensation plan).

This is your chance to create your own dynasty as big as your  dreams permit.

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