Facts About Rihanna

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Facts About Rihanna


Rihanna was born in Barbados twenty four years ago.  Her parents separated because of her father’s addictions.  She had already formed a group at the age of  fifteen.  Her first record was SOS Rescue Me and she has gone on making hit after hit.

She seems to have so much going on in her professional life and she is always glamorous and unpredictable.  She has got so many fans, broken so many records that it’s hard to keep up with her success and her antics.  She has done it again with diamonds this time. Yes she has made another top class video.  The backing music  is terrific, the lyrics are beautiful, the video is superb.  What more can be said?

More Facts About Rihanna

She always looks a million dollars.  In fact she insured her legs for a million dollars saying that they are the part of her body that she concentrates on in her work outs. She’s so cool – always ahead of the pack.  She’s hot – she’s got style sex appeal and charisma by the bucketful. She’s not afraid to be controversial. It’s not surprising she has had millions of hits on You Tube.  She seems so self assured that it’s hard to helieve that she has suffered domestic abuse from a former boyfriend.  He was a music producer called Evan Rodgers.

How Can A Singer Get Millions of Hits On You  Tube?  She has made it seem so easy but she was discovered at the tender age of sixteen so she has got 8 years experience under her belt.   It’s that magic mix of talent, style, confidence and above all charisma.  Great videos and her professionalism and work ethic all play their part.   Rihanna has reached the stage now that she is not only an attractive woman with a voice but she has become a brand.

Even More facts about Rihanna

They Are Still Talking About Rihanna in N Ireland  When she was in N Ireland last summer.She made a video in a field near the Belfast – Bangor motorway.  A local farmer had rented out his field to be used for the video.  He was watching the filming and saw her remove her top.  He asked them to stop filming because it was against his religious beliefs.   Rihanna did not protest but took it in her stride and her charm impressed everybody including that farmer.  That’s Rihanna!

There’s no doubt about it she is a superstar and she has got a great team around her.  If you would like some success in your life then the sooner you get a team the better.  If you would like to be a member of  a really cool but effective team click below and get the support you need to be the best you can be just like Rihanna did.

Facts About Rihanna

Rihanna and Dave Wood have a lot in common. Both of them do their own thing and dont worry about other peoples opinions .  They are not wussies that’s why we never tire of hearing more and more about them.  That’s the reason both of them are on this blog and the media are falling over themselves to find out more Facts About Rihanna




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