Free Blog Software

 Free Blog Software

There are many different soft-wares on the market to help create websites and blog posts. WordPress is very popular and is used by over 60 million people.  It is suitable for both beginners and experts.  It’s free, easy to download and use and it has lots of plugins.  Blogger makes it easy to monetize you blog with ads but it is not as easy to set up as wordpress.     To use you need your own domain and hosting  whereas with you can set up a blog in minutes.  It is possible to find free hosting but the majority of professional bloggers do not use them.

Free Blog Software

It’s a great feeling to have created your first blog but the problem is  that writing a blog is just the beginning of a process.  You can tell your friends about it and if they remember your blog address they may even get around to reading it.  There is one question that you must ask yourself -What is the purpose of this blog?

Are you trying to inform or get customers for your business?  In fact do you actually have a business or are you spending your days working for someone else?  Maybe you enjoy writing and you would like to find a way of making money on the internet.  Perhaps spending your days at home with your family and blogging for a few hours when it is convenient sounds very tempting.  Now this is possible.  A flexible system has been created that enables even the least technical person to get a passive residual income by blogging.

The Vision at Empower Network is much different than any other company you’ll find in the marketing space, because the fuel that drives our vision is helping someone brand new make their first $100 online. We look out for the ‘little guys’ and live and die by the value we provide to our members.

Their members are treated AS VALUED PARTNERS, always staying mindful that your #1 priority is to build your business and keep it profitable. They’ll never overwhelm you with training or distractions that you don’t need or want. Their #1 priority to help you grow – personally and financially …and make the community a place where lives are impacted and ANYONE can succeed.

Their vision is to help hundreds of thousands of network marketers, affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs have massive breakthroughs and create a permanent change in their quality of life and financial situation.

Click the banner below to access the insider video that reveals the ‘commission loophole’ that deposits 100% commissions into your bank account daily, hourly …even by the minute.

It’s easy but it requires a commitment to yourself to blog daily for at least 90 days.  You need to share your blogs on social networks and internet marketing groups.


Free Blog Software

This is the system that combines blog training from top marketers and an authority site with a Free Blog Platform 

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