Freedom is Disappearing BIt by Bit



It is a word that we use quite often but often we don’t really appreciate our freedom until someone threatens to take it away from us.  The second scenario is when we leave it too late and our complacency causes us to lose it altogether.

One very important freedom which many of us take for granted, myself included, is the freedom to communicate with people all over the world ( a few countries are not included in this e.g. China) on the internet.

Behind Closed Doors 

Did you know that the governments of the world are having a conference starting on 3rd December 2012 in Dubai – BEHIND CLOSED DOORS?  Their agenda?  Well would you believe it’s the internet.  Some Governments want to censor it and I’ll bet there are others that want to tax it and bleed us dry.

The housing market has been ruined.  So many young horses are being sent to the knackers because nobody wants to pay the fees that are being imposed on the breeders and owners.  Businesses are going to the wall because of all the red tape.  What next?  Have they got a secret plan to mess up our internet?

There doesn’t seem to be  much information yet as to what exactly they are up to.  Are they hoping to censor it and take control of our conversations with our friends and customers?

Haven’t they got enough control over our lives already?  Is it more power they are after or just more money/tax?   The Internet is so informative, so empowering and so incredible.  Let’s make our wishes known before it’s too late.  We want a free and open internet for everyone.

We all want the opportunity to move forward in life.  There is an opportunity now for ordinary people of all nationalities without technical skills or internet marketing experience to make money from home on the internet.  We deserve the freedom to enjoy and profit from this wonderful world wide web. If you would like to find out how to access this and have the freedom to create a better future for yourself and your family just  Click Here Now



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