Get What You Want


Get What You Want

It’s what we  set out to do from infancy, and continues to remain  the chief goal  throughout our lives.

It’s amazing how the goal posts change over the years.  It can be quite amusing to think back on some of the things that you wanted and felt at the time you couldn’t live without them.

My first really desperate want was a pony.  I tortured my parents, my aunts and everyone else that I thought might be able to help me in my quest to get this vital  wish fulfilled.

After weeks and months and years of persuasion I finally got it.  My persistence finally paid off.  Did it make me happy?  Yes it did, ecstatic and I am so glad that I continued to rhyme on about it and find so many reasons why they should buy me that pony.

What about the things we wanted and got and ended up wishing we hadn’t.  The boyfriends and girlfriends that seemed so terrific at the time and ended up in heartbreak.  I suppose you could call them the Getting What You Want with your heart experiences.

I am a great believer in the philosophy that you can get what if you want it enough and are prepared to pay the price for it.  Some people never stop wanting even to the point of putting themselves and their spouses into debt.

One of the worst  types of wanting is “keeping up with the Jones”.  There are those who make their own lives miserable by wanting what others already have or coveting other people’s possessions.  Not good at all.

Then there is another type of wanting and it is the best wanting of all.  Wanting to help others, wanting to be kind to the vulnerable whether they be young or old, rich or poor.

I watched a TV program about Prince Philip’s mother.  It was awesome, I recommend you check it out on the BBC I Player.  Her great courage in helping the soldiers at the battlefield in Greece and risking her own life to save the lives of a Jewish family that she sheltered in her home in Athens was amazing.

In spite of all her trials and tribulations (being deaf was one of them), she continued to be herself and stand by her principles in spite of  everyone.  A truly brave woman.

People like that make our fears of public speaking or making videos seem ridiculous.  Yet so many of us are missing out on the great opportunities that the Internet provides to those who overcome their fears.

Like the song says “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.  Yet if you don’t at least try – how will you ever know ?

No doubt you have your  own methods and thoughts on how to Get What You Want

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 Get What You Want


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