Positivity – That’s The Name of The Game


Marketer in a Million – who could that be? Well in my book it’s David Wood. He really could sell snow to the eskimos but unlike most of the marketers he is keen to share his marketing knowledge with anyone who wants to learn. He calls the people who give you hassle and try to discourage you as “negatrons”. Sometimes it’s not easy to step back from the criticism and focus on your goals. That’s why you must have those goals deeply embedded in your mind, your heart and into your daily routine.

We all know the biggest breakthroughs come after failures, it’s been proved time and time again. We know that we gotta keep on moving on in spite of the critics. Don’t know about you, but I find that when people try to put me down, it only makes me more determined.

For example, when I made the greatest breakthrough of my life which was , in spite of many setbacks finally finding my long lost mother after a forty year search, I was so excited.   Even before I could share my good news, I was bombarded with negativity.

Who was the loser? certainly not me!  I was  diverted from my path many times  but not any more. My breakthrough came in spite of the negatrons nobody can take that away from me with words or anything else. So listen to the words of this song and sing along.

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