Happiness and The Butterfly


Happiness is something we are all seeking but it is amazing j

just how elusive it can be at times.

Yet it can  appear  in a moment when we least expect it – in

a partner’s smile or the laughter  of a child.  It came to me

recently in the form of a butterfly.

The Butterfly In My Garden


I was in my back garden and a red admiral butterfly flew around me three times.  Somehow it made me feel good. What is it about butterflies that makes you think about the awesomeness of nature and almost transports you into another world?  Anyway I returned to my kitchen in  a happier frame of mind than when I left it.

Five minutes later when I was in the front room I saw it again if front of the window flying backwards and forwards.  I was convinced it was the same butterfly as it was the only red admiral I had seen this year.   I wasn’t looking for butterflies and after I saw it the first time I had no expectation of seeing it again.  Still. it had given me this warm feeling called happiness and I was grateful for that.


After a while I decided to go to a bungalow across the road from my house.  Low and behold ,as I was crossing the road, the butterfly appeared again flying around me and seemed to be following me into the garden of the bungalow.  I could hardly believe it and then to my complete astonishment  it followed me right back to my home again.


Some people say that when you see a butterfly it is someone that you love who has passed on is paying you a visit.  That’s a nice thought  and even if it is a myth, the association can fill your mind with thoughts of the days when you shared happiness with that person.

That experience seemed  so far removed from the realities of  everyday life, but it brought to mind the fact that the more elusive something is the more we treasure it.  The more we chase the less we find.

So be more relaxed about your internet marketing efforts, customers will come to you as if by magic if you take consistent action every day and just believe.

Success may seem more elusive than a butterfly but it will appear if you can rid yourself of anxiety, doubts and desperation.


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