Honey Bees

Honey Bees

This morning I collected delicious juicy organic strawberries from my garden for breakfast.  It’s been really sunny here In N Ireland for almost a week and we really appreciate a hot/warm spell here.  I decided to cut the large privet hedge around my garden.  As I was doing so a Queen Bee was buzzing around me.  I have had a phobia  of wasps and bees since I was a child but I mustered all my courage and continued to cut the hedge.

A few minutes later I felt a sharp sting and saw that one of the Honey Bees was the culprit.  The hedge cutting was cast aside and I went into my kitchen and applied some vinegar to the sting.  I have an allergy to stings and mosquito bites.  It’s so  bad that the effected part of my body becomes extremely swollen and itchy – once my leg almost doubled in width because of a  mosquito bite.

I have often thought that I ought to find out more about bees and wasps and that might in some way reduce my fears of being stung.   I intended to Google them for ages but just never got around to it.

 Honey Bees

Low and behold – enter the hero – I turned on my laptop to listen to The Prosperity Team training  and found that Mike Hobbs had done the research for me.  Mike’s blog was a very interesting one about Honey Bees.  He was focusing on the honey but when I read it I couldn’t help but spare a thought for this little suicide bomber who had given up his life for his team.  He was protecting them and above all his leader the Queen Bee.  He was convinced that she was being threatened by these noisy electric hedge clippers and made the ultimate sacrifice

Thank Goodness our leader Mike doesn’t expect us to give up our lives for him…only a few hours per day.  The Honey Bees reward may be in heaven but ours is much more tangible if we remain consistent and follow his advice.

Mike pointed out that we can gain a lot of insight on how we should be like the Honey Bees in our home based businesses to earn a lot more money!

Watch this and let me know what you think below!
Yes  if you are prepared to work like those Honey Bees the first few months  the rewards are limitless. Apart from this, all you need is self belief and determination.

Oh boy! – Many Internet Marketers in our company are living the lifestyle of their dreams. I can only point you in the right direction – show you the path but the rest is entirely up to you.

One of the things that I like about Internet Marketing is that all the limitations are swept away. You can be any age, any nationality and you can decide how many hours you want to work, where you work and how you work. You can use your own special skills and gifts. You can be creative or not, technically challenged or not. The only thing that you need to succeed is the right mindset, a good vehicle and a good engine.

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Hilary Bassak
Hilary Bassak

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Hilary Bassak

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I have lived in Dublin,The Hague, Copenhagen, Nairobi, London, and Vlas in Bulgaria.   A few years ago I went to The World Internet Summit in London – that was my first taste of internet marketing.  I went to other events in London including Mark Anastasi’s events, the great Armand Morin’s and Joel Comms.  The idea of marketing on the Internet really appealed to me but I had too many distractions going on in my life to put the focus that is required into building a business on the internet.  In fact I continued to dip my feet the water off and on for a few years.  Probably wasted a lot of time dabbling but I was continually working on my mindset and building a business in my head and my heart .  I had the vision but it wasn’t until last year that I found the vehicle to  make it possible. My son told me about Empower Network… I was excited because my business income at that point dropped down to a meager pension and desperately needed a boost… I’m so glad I listened to my son and decided to take action. I dread the thought of what might have happened if I had given up on personal development and mindset training. Fortunately in this business only the quitters lose and I have never been a quitter.  So join us right now and I look forward to seeing YOU on the beaches of the world.

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