How Donald Trump Has Impacted My Life

I started to become interested in Donald Trump and his business deals after my son and I completed a Russ Whitney Property Investment course in Belfast.
 I had this vision that I would like to own some properties in Europe and I did in fact end up buying a house and land in Bulgaria and an apartment in Leipzig.
I had always the mindset of thinking big and found that the more I read books written by Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Tony Robbins, the more my mindset shifted to the things that I had formerly thought of as impossible dreams.

Before this property investment phase, I had many “big ideas” that didn’t come to fruition e.g. a frozen food factory, a health farm and a riding school were the main ones. One that did happen was one that I shared with my late husband -and that was having a Greek restaurant.

I learnt that Thinking Big has a way of not turning out exactly how you expected it to – sometimes better, sometimes worse. That’s why I am a bit concerned about Donald Trump’s latest “big dream”. I know that he usually gets what he wants.

I would have much preferred him to become Minister of Finance rather than President.  As a complete outsider who is not politically minded in the slightest, I can’t help thinking that the mindset that is needed to become a billionaire is very different to the mindset required to negotiate for peace, harmony and freedom in the world.

As a baby boomer, I still retain my “big ideas” and I have no intention of downsizing my life or my ambitions. That’s one of the reasons I became involved in the online business industry.  It provides everyone  – whatever their age-the chance to reach for the stars. Just “Do Whatever It Takes” they tell me and I am just passing on the message.

Whether you are starting out in internet marketing or you want the training to take your current business or opportunity to the next level – you are in the place where we are all encouraged to have big ideas and given all the support and more that we need to achieve the biggest idea of all -FREEDOM!.

By clicking on This Call To Action you will be taken to a place where you will find step by step systems and training that can take you to the top if you are prepared to put in the time and the effort required to get there.
This opportunity may not be for you if you are not committed to a better life for yourself and time to share with those you love – a life without limitations – That is The Ultimate Big Idea. I would love to share it with you.

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