How Molly Mcilree -Artist And Free Spirit Has Transformed My Life

This is the incredible story of how I found my amazing fabulous 100 year young mother Molly McIlree. A mother that no-one could have dreamed up in their wildest imagination – daunting, charismatic. A mother whose ambition in her 103rd year was to be more famous than Einstein.


The endless ache that never left me from the day I realized that somewhere in this world lived a woman who must be longing to know what had become of me. A woman who held all the secrets that had been kept from me all my life. A woman that I hoped beyond hope I would find one day and she would love and understand me as no-one had ever done before. I thought about her endlessly and I never stopped believing that one day I would find her.

I was right to keep on believing no matter what others told me. I learnt that miracles really do happen in real life to real people. I learnt that -cheesey though it may sound love can overcome anything.
I had already become a great fan of the internet when I found my mother there. It was a post that had been written a couple of years before I read it.

I was so excited when I phoned her, but she brushed me aside saying that I was a very wicked young woman disrupting an old ladie’s life. She told me not to call her mother because she hadn’t been my mother. That was a hard pill to swallow. I couldn’t believe that this cold hard person could be my mother.

I learnt to be patient again to keep on believing that people can change their minds and dreams can come true. Almost 4 years later she told me that we were like 2 peas in a pod and both of us knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was true.

My life has changed completely since I met my mother.. I feel like a totally different person because I (almost) know who I am now. We spent the last year of her life together. She taught me so much and made me realise that everything is possible, even finding an incredible mother three days before her 100th birthday. She lived a champagne lifestyle and she told me that her hundred and third birthday party was the best one in her life. It was the only one we spent together.

I found my mother on the internet. She got her first email address when she was 103 years old and realised that all things are possible with the power of internet marketing. She really “got it” and so do I. That is why I would love to give you the possibility of transforming you life with the virtual blogging system.

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