How The Internet Has Enriched My Life

The Internet has made a tremendous positive impact on my life. If you stop to think about it I think you will find that it has done the same for you.


Life before the internet was fine for me because I was very busy. First of all bringing up my son and also helping my husband with his businesses. Later on I was running my own restaurant and that did not leave much time to spare for any interests except horseriding.

I learnt so much from just surfing the internet in the beginning I thought and still do think that it is super awesome. It changed the course of my life with the information and training that are available. I was able to run my mortgage business from Dublin after I found my 100 year old mother and spent the final year of her life caring for her until she was almost 104. The internet helped eased the loneliness of being a carer and kept me in touch with the rest of the world. Without it I would probably have been completely stressed out. I was still able to keep in contact with my family and friends.
Later it helped me cope with a split up of a 27 year relationship. The time I spent learning about internet marketing was a great diversion for which I am very grateful.

I really don’t know how I could cope without the internet now. It has been my rock and enabled me to set up another business online. A business which has cost very little compared to the investment needed for most off line businesses.

Creating an income online is an option for everyone now and I have been fortunate enough to find a company that not only provides me with a great product to sell but also all the training I need for success online.

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