How to Blog

How To Blog

If you go to YouTube and search for “how to blog” you will find videos that explain in great detail “how to blog”  Although these blogs are written for beginners they make it look as though blogging is hard and that is not the case.  If you would like to blog but aren’t sure how to start then you will find what you need here.

Before you start blogging you need to be clear about your outcome.    Your outcome  will decide your in-come

Are you blogging for financial freedom, to pay off your mortgage, to be able to leave your J.O.B. and spend more time with your family?  Ask yourself these questions and this will give you the motivation to blog consistently.

The time that you spend deciding what you want to blog about and what value you can provide with your blogs will be time well spent.

Good keywords are important if you want to rank on Google but they are not essential. David Woods has made a fortune blogging  and he did not focus on SEO.  You can model your blogs on his blogs and he does not mind even if you copy them.

David Sharpe is a great copy writer check out his blogs too and those of Justin Verrengia who is top of the leader boards at the moment.

If you are writing about your passion or a product or company you believe in your enthusiasm will draw readers to your blog.  When you have decided on a subject to blog about stick to that one subject and you can do a series of blogs and give them free in return for opt-ins.

Another option is to make a blogging boot-camp or a use a webinar to promote the product that you are blogging about.  You can make short blogs when you haven’t  much time or long blogs when you are blogging about something that really interests or inspires you.  Generally 500 words is a good number to aim for– that’s what the search engines like.

The more you blog the better you will become at blogging.  Always be consistent.  Blog every day or at least six days per week.  Make blogging a habit and it will repay you in time.  Don’t expect to many results for the first 90 days – it’ not the fastest way or making money on the internet but it is effective.

How To Blog

Put a video on your blog and it will attract more traffic or two videos if you haven’t much content.  Viral videos are a great option – you can find them at  You can also add an audio to your blog.

You can blog about anything from gardening to book reviews but it’s a good idea to check out on Amazon books what’s trending now and this may give you some ideas on the type of blogs that are likely to be popular.

How To Blog

You can only make money at blogging if you can drive traffic to your blogs.  That’s where the real work comes in.  You can post your blog on social media such as Facebook and Bing.  You can join groups in Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn but make sure that they are groups that are relevant to whatever you are blogging about.  You can schedule  posts from hootesuite.  I would recommend that you spend at least three times as long marketing your blog as you do writing it.  You can join up to 300 groups on LinkedIn  Look for groups that have a large number of members.  You can use and and you can even turn your blogs into and e-book.  There are many strategies but the most important thing is to blog daily and  market daily.

 Consistency is the key.

There is one way to increase your traffic greatly and that is to blog on an authority site.  If you would like to do this and get top class training on blogging and other internet marketing skills then you are in the right place at the right time.

So what are you waiting for?

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