How To End A Relationship


HowTo End A Relationship

How To End A Relationship


How to end a relationship is a question that is asked by over 60,000 people globally every month.  The most difficult relationships to end are long term relationships such as marriages and family relationships.  Unfortunately often some men and woman are rather flippant about entering into relationships.  If both parties are not honest from the outset then the consequences can be devastating.  Whenever there are children involved it makes ending a relationship even more painful.

Probably the worst scenario is when someone is not happy in a relationship and rather than sorting out the problems or ending it they decide to lead a double life.   Ending a relationship is definitely preferable to suffering in silence for a lifetime.  Everyone is entitled to the chance of happiness and remaining in an unhappy relationship has very few advantages  for either party.  Often people do that for financial reasons and where property or a business which has been handed down from generation to generation may become part of a divorce settlement, it becomes more complicated.

How To End A Relationship

I was prompted to write about this when someone asked me how I would end a relationship.  Fortunately I have rarely been in that position but I did have one relationship which had caused me a lot of pain but ended in quite a humorous way.

It was my marriage which ended when I left my husband standing outside his restaurant with a large tray of mince-steak, potatoes and aubergines.  Call it sixth sense or common sense , but I got the distinct idea that he couldn’t get me off the premises fast enough.  He was waiting for me to bring my car from around the corner but instead I drove home to my parent’s house and left him standing there panicking in case the “date” he was expecting should appear before I left.

He was anxious to send me on my way to make some moussaka for the the following day.  When he realized that I was not coming back he phoned my parent’s house and was surprised to find that I was there.  I told him that from that day on he could make his own moussaka because I was not going to cook for a restaurant that was “out of bounds” to me.  That was the end of the relationship and the beginning of a new life.

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