How to Find a Niche


  • It’s often said that people should not start a business unless they are passionate about it. Although this may be the ideal situation it is not always practical or advisable in the online business.

If your end goal is the financial freedom then you need to start out with the end in mind.

Here are some steps that will help you find a profitable niche:

  • Go to Google Trends and check whether your niche is increasing in popularity or declining.  If it’s declining then you need to find another niche or perhaps a sub- niche
  • Go to this keyword tool which will give you a very large selection of keywords that are being searched in Google,Bing,Yahoo,EBay, Amazon and YouTube
  • Copy and paste these keywords into the Google Keyword Planner
  • Get a very clear picture in your mind of your perfect customer and ask yourself what questions  they want to be answered in order to  ease their pain, end their struggle or get rid of their frustrations.  Find long tailed keywords that relate to this.
  • Check how many searches there are for these keywords and choose the ones between 1000 and 3000
  • Some marketers prefer to go for low competition keywords that are easier to rank for while others are not deterred by the medium or high competition ones
  • Bear in mind that you are seeking buyers not viewers – so consider what questions people who are ready to make a decision to buy would be asking.
  • The time that you spend researching your niche will be worthwhile

If you are still baffled about what niche to choose –  pick one about health, wealth,relationships (including love and dating) and spirituality because these are the most popular and most lucrative ones.  Choosing the right niche and the right target market is the best foundation for a successful business.

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